Size matters in passed bill

When it comes to pending new regulations for waste-storage basins and tanks, size will make a difference. Earthen basins the size of Denali Water Solutions’ Evans and Gideon lagoons, in Newton and McDonald Counties — which each have a storage capacity of about 15 million gallons — could be subject to tighter regulations if proposed legislation is signed into law by Governor Parson.
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New rules, more sludge according to EPA environmental assessment

EPA environmental assessment: changes may triple amount of waste New effluent guidelines proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for wastewater discharge from meat and poultry-processing (MPP) facilities could result in as much as 1.2 million more tons of residual sludge, per year, according to an EPA Environmental Assessment (EA). The proposed new guidelines (released in December) are designed to offer additional protections to surface water and, thereby, public drinking water systems that source water from surface features.
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Free sludge appeals to some local landowners

A handful of Barry and Newton County landowners traveled to Jefferson City to testify in support of the land application of Denali Water Solutions’ industrial-processing sludge at a Missouri Senate hearing on March 26. Their testimony, along with that of Denali executive Rob Currey, was an attempt to convince senators to vote against proposed legislation that will more tightly regulate the storage and land-application of meat and other food-processing waste.
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SLUDGE fund grows

State Rep. Dirk Deaton, R-Noel, and State Sen. Jill Carter, R-Granby, spoke to a group of some 100 people who attended an event to raise money for legal fees for SLUDGE, LLC, at East Newton High School, Feb. 24. 
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