December 2023

Pet of the Week

Washington is ready to make his presidential run to your home. This fluffy little pup will be the ruler of your heart. He is a mixed breed labrador retriever and his date of birth is Oct. 1, 2023.
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Trout Tales, Dec. 27

I was assigned to take photos at the reindeer games assembly at Cassville High School on Friday, and I as surprised to see the Student Council was thrusting teachers into the action this year. Here, Coach Tinker Kinser has all the grace of a baby seal as he keeps his arms up for Coach Matthew Allen to push him to the tic tac toe board, a game the pair won against their also teacher opponents. Through the assembly, we learned a lot about the newest teachers at Cassville High School, including which ones had been sent to the principal’s office as a student (both of these guys were), and how hard it is to knock over water bottles using a tennis ball in a pair of panty hose strapped to your head. There was only a little cheating. The assembly was a great final assignment for 2023.
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