Deadline extended for public comments

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has extended the deadline for public comments from March 18 to April 21 for proposed permits for the land-application of industrial sludge in Barry County, and parts of McDonald County, by waste-hauling companies Synagro Central, LLC, and HydroAg Environmental, LLC.

Drafts of the permits can be viewed at the following links:

Synagro, permit # MO-0140244:

HydroAg Environmental, LLC, permit # MO-0140490:

All comments must be received or postmarked by 5 p.m. on April 21. This is an extension of the original public comment period, which was scheduled to end March 18.

The public can review the proposed permit conditions at the links above. Other relevant information is available for review and copying upon request.

Written comments may be submitted by mail to Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Water Protection Program, ATTN: NPDES Operating Permits/ Permit Comments, PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176 or by email to Please include the permit number in the comment letter.

The department can only consider comments about issues relating to the proposed action and permit and the effect on water quality. The department cannot consider comments or objections to a permit based on issues outside the authority of the Missouri Clean Water Commission (see Curdt v. Mo. Clean Water Commission, 586 S.W.2d 58 Mo. App. 1979).

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  1. Thank you for alerting the public about the public comment. I wasn’t aware of this one until it had ended. I hope all people send their comments. Water pollution is not an isolated issue. It affects every human. We all live downstream. It is detrimental to protect our aquifers, well water, lakes , rivers, creeks as it is our lifeline. None of us want impaired waters. Can anyone imagine our future without clean water? Please everyone comment, it is your responsibility for our day to day life and for our kids and grandkids future. Bottled water is just recycled sewage water.

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