October 2022

Jon Horner: A plan for Christmas gift-buying

When Kyle asked me to do a monthly column regarding finance I told him that I would try not to bore people too much, since that category can be less than exciting. So today, I will start off with discussing the correlation between the federal reserve interest rate moves and the associated impact on the gross domestic product. Just kidding, please continue to read. I definitely wouldn’t go near that topic with a tenfoot pole.
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Pickleball Club active at Cassville

A new Pickleball Club had taken root in Cassville. Similar to tennis, pickleball is played with a wiffleball, wooden raquets and lower net. Front row, from left: Jacob Martinez, Elly Raemaker, Lorelei Vanderhoef, Elizabeth Butler, Kyler Hayward, Dulce Rivera and Coach Erin Flehmer. Back row: Superintendent Merlyn Johnson, Tyson Bohmke, Corbin Rhodes, Ashton Wheeler, Simon Gates, Ethan Bohmke, Mason Gautney and Caleb Leach.
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