August 2022

Wierman turns page on Democrat

For more than 50 years – and through three major editor changes – Darlene Wierman has been the face of the Cassville Democrat. All that will change Wednesday, as Wierman has decided to retire. Hired under Owner/Editor Bob Mitchell, Wierman’s career has been marked by her tireless work ethic and her friend-to-all personality.
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Darlene Wierman: It’s time to say goodbye

When I walked into the Cassville Democrat office that October day in 1970 and was greeted by Kathryn Mitchell at the front desk, sitting there with her Bible in front of her, I thought this would probably a good place to work. Shortly after that, Bob and Sue Mitchell came in all excited about a new church building site where they had just been for a ribbon cutting for the First Christian Church. I told them my friend Mildred Hare over in the Standard Mutual Ins. office told me there might be an office position opening up because Johnnie Edie was leaving to have a baby. Although I had no knowledge of newspaper publishing, I did have a background in bookkeeping and what a busy office was like, which was my previous job in Colorado where I had been employed as the school district’s executive secretary and bookkeeper for several years.
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