Barry County

New location, same Fire and Thunder

The annual Fire and Thunder fireworks show was held on Friday, postponed on Independence day due to rain throughout the county. The show featured a new shoot location on the southeast corner of the Shell Knob bridge. Photos were taken in three locations: In the grass on the northeast side of the bridge, the Shell Knob Chamber of Commerce parking lot, and the parking lot of the Central Community United Methodist Church.
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Randy Kalbaugh: Sheriff Questionnaire 4 (Community)

I plan on communicating with the public through the newspaper and a county run web site. I plan on informing the public of an area we responded to, nature of the call, if a report was taken, if an arrest was made, and if charges are being filed. At the end of the month, I will have the number of calls we went to, charges, arrests, charges filed, and how many the prosecuting attorney filed charges on. I want the public informed and up to date on what the Sheriff’s Office is doing.
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Bird flu: Not just for the birds

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), or “bird flu,” is on the move in dairy herds across the United States, and while scientists seemed baffled by the means of the H5N1 virus’ initial leap from poultry to a herd of Texas dairy cattle in March, poultry-industry insider William Wymore, of Owensville, believes its transmission can be easily explained. The storage and land-application of poultry and meat-processing sludge is facilitating the spread of bird flu, he alleges.
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Gary Schad: Northern Commissioner Questionnaire 1

To continue the job I started, which is to keep Barry County moving in the right direction. For those of you who may not know prior to me joining the commission the county was experiencing a reduction in sales tax due to the 2008 recession where even services and staff were eliminated to maintain a balanced budget. I’ve been able to work with the other office holders to pull Barry County out of that deficit and improve the budget to where we are now actually able to fully run the county and even put back some for reserves. I’d like to ensure this continues and our county is able to thrive.
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