Barry County

New rules, more sludge according to EPA environmental assessment

EPA environmental assessment: changes may triple amount of waste New effluent guidelines proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for wastewater discharge from meat and poultry-processing (MPP) facilities could result in as much as 1.2 million more tons of residual sludge, per year, according to an EPA Environmental Assessment (EA). The proposed new guidelines (released in December) are designed to offer additional protections to surface water and, thereby, public drinking water systems that source water from surface features.
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Sales tax income rises in March

Sales tax revenues to Barry County cities and the county government generally rose in March, though more than half the cities did not share the additional prosperity. The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax recorded a 2 percent gain over last March, thanks to both Monett and Cassville logging gains.
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Laugh away the day at new SKITS play ‘Chickenheart’

Come for the laughs, stay for the action, the romance, and alien abduction, and… nuns? A combination like no other will take the stage in Shell Knob April 19-21 with Shell Knob in the Spotlight (SKITS) putting on “Chickenheart.” The production’s wacky cast of characters, including (but not limited to) six of the craziest nuns anyone has ever met; a terribly timid tailor; and a half-man, half-frog, half-nun — or is that too many halves? Regardless, there is a 150% chance of surprises, laughs and good times all around. “Chickenheart” follows the flight of the ravishingly lovely Lady Emma Chalfont as she flees the fiendish advances of the terribly evil Sir Cutbert Cleaver.
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