Through the years, April 10

40 YEARS AGO: COFFERDAM AT CREEK BRIDGE PROJECT — Workmen (at right) install the first part of a cofferdam at the Flat Creek bridge replacement on Sales Barn Road in Cassville. The area in which concrete is to be poured has now been completely circled and pumping has started.
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Through the Years, March 27

40 YEARS AGO: AMPLE WATER PROVIDES FALL--Spring moisture in the area makes every runnable stream flowing at near full tilt these days. One example is a 90-foot waterfall from atop the spring bluff at Roaring River State Park. This photo Monday shows a healthy stream of water cascading past well worn rock bluffs. Merle Rogers, park naturalist, said the stream is flowing about 35 million gallons of water daily. Average for the spring is 22 million. Contributing to the water situation is the 7.07 inches of rainfall and snow moisture measured in March. Thus far in April, readings Monday were 1.11, says Mary Ann Thomas of the U.S. Forest Service. For the year rainfall stands at 12.55 inches. This March was the wettest since the 7.48 inches recorded in 1978.
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News Briefs, March 27

The Barry-Lawrence County Development Center in Monett will host a 50th Anniversary Celebration and open house at its new facility, located at 220 Chapell Drive, on April 6 from 1-5 p.m. People may tour the new debt-free building and playground.
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County’s bailiffs honored for service

Employees of multiple offices at the Barry County Judicial Center gathered Friday to recognize the men who serve as the face of the building and the protection in the courtroom. The Center’s three bailiffs — Dave Ruark, Michael Morris and Mike Bailey — were treated to a surprise luncheon honoring their service at the facility.
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Hall to fall

Nearly two years after being destroyed by a fire, the Hall Theatre’s demolition is imminent. The city of Cassville has been in a legal battle over the building, and Owner Travis James has failed to comply with a court order to demolish the structure, allowing the city legal standing to take it down.
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News briefs, Feb 21

Lawrence and Barry County Democrats will meet on Thursday (George Washington’s Birthday) at the Angus Branch Steakhouse in Monett, located at 114 Chapel Drive in Monett. The meeting will start at 7 p.m.
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