roaring river

ROV diver faces challenges

The depth of Roaring River Spring Cave remains a mystery. Goodspeed Publishing’s “1888 History of Barry County” records the depth to be “fathomless,” but better-equipped explorers later attached more concrete figures to that fathom.
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New map installed at Roaring River Spring mouth

Over the weekend, Linda and Gordon Hahn, of Charlottesville, Va., got a chance to survey the new map placed at the mouth of Roaring River Spring in late March. The Hahn’s son, Eric Lee Hahn, lost his life in the spring while serving as a diver with the KISS Rebreathers dive team. The team conducted monthly weekend explorations of the spring from May 2021 until Hahn’s death on Oct. 14, 2022. The new map at the spring was created as a result of the KISS Rebreathers team’s explorations.
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