Judge rules in favor of Fertilizer Board

On May 13, a judge ruled in favor of the Missouri Fertilizer Control Board (MoFCB), respondents in a case that was filed in Cole County Circuit Court in Jefferson City, by petitioners, Denali Water Solutions and Synagro Central, on July 27, 2023. Both parties to the suit submitted a request for the judge to make a summary judgment in the case, a legal right when the parties believe the facts underlying their requests are beyond dispute.
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Deadline extended for public comments

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has extended the deadline for public comments from March 18 to April 21 for proposed permits for the land-application of industrial sludge in Barry County, and parts of McDonald County, by waste-hauling companies Synagro Central, LLC, and HydroAg Environmental, LLC. Drafts of the permits can be viewed at the following links: Synagro, permit # MO-0140244: https://dnr.mo.gov/document/ draft-missouri-state-operating-permit- mo0140244-feb-16-2024 HydroAg Environmental, LLC, permit # MO-0140490: https://dnr.mo.gov/document/ draft-missouri-state-operating-permit- mo0140490-april-21-2024 All comments must be received or postmarked by 5 p.m.
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