Trout Tales

Trout Tales, May 29

It’s been a while since I’ve been on assignment, but I wanted to pop in this week to show you my new office! I felt perfectly at home on Sunday when all that rain was coming in, so I did some renovations myself.
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Trout Tales, Feb. 28

Caption this! I was at the 2024 MSHSAA Wrestling Championships at Mizzou Arena last week taking in all the action, the best of which can turn any coach into a walking, talking emoji.
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Trout Tales, Jan. 31

I tagged along with Publisher Kyle Troutman on Friday to the annual Career Day at the Southwest school district. He manned one of 26 tables filled with a myriad of local professionals who love their jobs enough to spend 90 minutes sharing the ins and outs of their industries.
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Trout Tales, Jan. 24

I went down to Roaring River State Park a couple of times last week in search of the almighty Bald Eagles said to frequent the spring area this time of year, and after a few attempts, I think I’m giving up. I’ve seen a few of America’s birds, but they are soaring so high up in the sky I can’t get any good pictures of them.
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Trout Tales, Jan. 17

I got put on a sports assignment last week and who should I run into while under the basket? None other than Cassville Superintendent Merlyn Johnson, who was half the whistle for the Exeter Diamond matchup on Thursday. Here we see Dr.
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