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SHELL KNOB TAB: The color of Joy

Through her art, Lou Stine has brought color and joy to the Shell Knob area for the past five years. Stine moved to Shell Knob from southeast Kansas in 2019. She comes from a background in Education of more than 30 years, teaching elementary students before transitioning to an elementary counselor.
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SHELL KNOB TAB: Carved in wood, by Stone

Turtle Crossing Gallery is a marvel worth exploring — as much a museum, as it is an art gallery, visitors say. Located in a shady alcove just a short, scenic drive on YY Highway past the Central Crossing Senior Center in Shell Knob, the attraction of the gallery can be credited, in part, to the artists themselves: Stone and Karol Akin, who met 17 years ago in Eureka Springs while attending a ballroom dance.
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Laugh away the day at new SKITS play ‘Chickenheart’

Come for the laughs, stay for the action, the romance, and alien abduction, and… nuns? A combination like no other will take the stage in Shell Knob April 19-21 with Shell Knob in the Spotlight (SKITS) putting on “Chickenheart.” The production’s wacky cast of characters, including (but not limited to) six of the craziest nuns anyone has ever met; a terribly timid tailor; and a half-man, half-frog, half-nun — or is that too many halves? Regardless, there is a 150% chance of surprises, laughs and good times all around. “Chickenheart” follows the flight of the ravishingly lovely Lady Emma Chalfont as she flees the fiendish advances of the terribly evil Sir Cutbert Cleaver.
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Get a part in ‘Chickenheart’

The Shell Knob in the Spotlight (SKITS) community theater group has announced auditions for the spring play, “Chickenheart” — a hysterical melodrama set in the medieval era penned by playwright Craig Sodaro and directed locally by Brent Waugh, of Shell Knob. This funny and engaging melodrama requires 14 actors including parts for 10 women and four men who will be portraying interesting, entertaining and even zany characters in an age of chivalry, bravery, nobility, and of course, romance.
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