Through the years

Through the Years, Feb. 28

40 YEARS AGO: MORE LIKE A WINTER WONDERLAND — Roaring River State Park’s opening last week presented this sight... more like a winter wonderland...than a trout opening. Fishermen were obviously not out in numbers as they might have been had power outages and heavy snow not visited the area. Dressed for the low temperatures, most of the usuals were there, with some newcomers who just couldn’t resist the March 1 call.
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Through the years, Feb. 21

30 YEARS AGO: FUTURE FARMERS - National FFA Week begins Sunday, February 19, and continues through the week of Washington’s birth-day. Cassville’s FFA chapter is 96 members strong, according to chapter advisor Gene Courdin, making it one of the high school’s largest clubs.
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Through the Years, Feb. 7

30 YEARS AGO: EAGLE VIEW — This is the view of an adult American Bald Eagle you can get in Barry County these days. The area has become host to the largest congregation of Eagles in Missouri according to Department of Conservation counts conducted shortly after the arrival of 1994. This photo, by Denny Goodnow of Eagle Rock, is one of the better efforts locally. Goodnow makes the photos available at Roaring River State Park and other outlets each season. The second photo in this series shows what can be seen without the aid of viewing equipment.
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Through the Years, Jan. 31

Feb. 6, 1974 — AMBULANCE DISTRICT TO CONSIDER 12 TOWNSHIPS Possibly the first official step toward formation of an ambulance district to serve the southern half of Barry County will be taken Friday when local emergency services officials meet with a federal program coordinator to investigate possibilities.
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Through the years, Jan. 24

40 YEARS AGO: MIND SIGNS, THEY MEAN BUSINESS — Signs such as this is up on highways of the state, a result of severe break up of pavement in recent thawing weather. Jay Buxton, area maintenance supervisor, says a minimum of 75 miles of roads are in bad condition following weekend traffic. Especially hard hit are routes like Highway 37 which carries large counts of both passenger and commercial vehicles daily. Buxton said highway crews would be placing these signs at locations wherever “potholes” appear. He said the public should use caution traveling in any area road, signed or not, since break-up can occur at any time.
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Through the Years, Jan. 17

40 YEARS AGO: HIGHWAY PROGRAM IN CASSVILLE — Initial plans of a Highway 37 improvement between Cassville and the Arkansas line getting underway with full location hearings this fall, were presented by Joseph Mickes, second from left, district highway engineer last week.
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