Danny Boyd: Sheriff Questionnaire 4 (Community)

Publisher’s note: The following Q&As represent the candidates’ views verbatim, as submitted via email in response to our questions, and have not been edited. The Primary Election will be held Aug. 6, with voters allowed to select one of the four candidates (Mike McGuire has suspended his campaign but will remain on the ballot). As all candidates have filed as Republicans, the top vote-getter will be the Republican nominee in the General Election on Nov. 5 and the presumed sheriff elect unless challenged by an Independent, filing for which is open until July 29 with certain requirements that must be met through the County Clerk’s Office. – KT

1. What avenues do you intend to use to communicate and inform the community?

I am usually available to speak with the public during normal business hours. I receive multiple phone calls day and night. I utilize social media including Facebook and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office website. I also currently use the neighborhood watch programs in which to communicate with the public.

2. Do you have any plans for initiating or engaging with existing neighborhood watch programs?

I currently have eight (8) active neighborhood watch programs setup and other communities requesting information to establish a neighborhood watch program. Either myself or the Chief Deputy attend any meetings for the neighborhood watch programs. A news bulletin is sent out via email to the neighborhood watch programs regarding any suspicious activity.

3. In what ways do you hope to engage in community outreach?

I want to begin a Citizen’s Academy. This is where the citizens would have the opportunity to learn the process from the time that someone is arrested and the procedures thereafter in order to obtain charges. The prosecutor’s office and the judge(s) will speak on the procedures after the case is submitted to them. The department is becoming more involved with Active Shooter Training within the

4. Do you plan to have an open-door policy with all Barry County residents who wish to speak with you?

I currently have an open door policy if I am not already on another phone call or in a meeting. I do not plan on changing this policy.

5. Are there any ways you think the community can help the Sheriff’s Office operate successfully?

When the community is able to understand the various processes involved with getting charges filed, I feel that will be a great success. However, the victims will need to follow through with testifying at court. The community needs to understand that some information that they may hear is not factual, untrue and/or misleading. If the community wishes to know the facts, then they should contact the Sheriff’s Office directly.

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