Woman charged with theft from board

An Exeter woman is facing a felony theft charge after allegedly stealing more than $9,000 from a community board on which she served.

Chelsea Ball, of Exeter, is charged with felony stealing of $750 or more. Her case has been bound over to circuit court, where she is set to be arraigned on July 2.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Det. Jeremy Berner, with the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, on Jan. 12, Sgt. Amy Wilson took a walk-in report at the Sheriff’s Office regarding alleged stealing from a board on which Ball served as treasurer.

Sheriff Danny Boyd said the funds were stolen from parent teacher community outreach at Wheaton. The probable cause statement said the board elected new board members on Aug. 21, 2023.

After reviewing bank statements, the board reported $9,464.57 being taken without consent of the board members, including $7,255 transferred from the board’s bank account into another account from April 7, 2021 to Feb. 3, 2024.

A subpoena of bank records allegedly showed 70 transfers from the board’s account to the other account, which was determined to belong to Ball. The transfers totaled $7,495 and were completed April 7, 2021, to Feb. 3, 2024.

Berner also located a check for $325.18 to a local business, allegedly determined to be paying a personal payment of Ball’s.

Combining the findings, Ball allegedly took $7,580.18 across 71 transactions and over nearly three years.

Berner’s probable cause statement was filed March 18, and Ball was arraigned on May 9 in associate circuit court. On June 6, her case was bound over to circuit court and set for arraignment on July 2. No bond was listed in available court documents.

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