Jig On the Water, June 2

June 2, 2024

Roaring River is running 105 CFS as of Sunday morning. It has been falling every day, and clearing happens a lot quicker when the river gets below 100 CFS.

We were still catching them this week on cicadas, but I think this is about to end. We maybe have another week, then that’ll probably be it for cicadas. But, they will hit a cicada up until then and probably a week after because they will be used to eating them.

We had pretty good dry fly fishing all week. Caddis hatched every day, and blue wing olives hatched every day. We were catching them on parachute Adams, and on stimulators regularly.

Black Beetles, black ants, black woolly buggers, olive woolly buggers and brown woolly buggers all did pretty good this week.

A lot of people had pretty good success fishing small jigs underneath indicators. White and the John Deere green seem to be very popular this week.

We still caught plenty of trout on pheasant tail nymphs, Copper John’s, scuds, small egg patterns and quite a few fish came out on sow bugs this week.

Powerbait was still very popular this week. The yellow and the pink power bait gulp grubs did very well. White eggs, orange eggs and fluorescent yellow eggs did very well this week. If you fish plastic worms, pink was good, white was pretty good and we caught a lot of fish on a chartreuse and pink worm.

Black spinners work very well in the morning. There was a couple of days when people caught quite a few on yellow and pink spinners.

If you like fishing, Marabou jigs, they are working well in black and yellow, olive, brown and tan.

The water is still dingy, so you can probably still get away with 4-pound line for another week or so. But, when the water gets down to about 75 CFS or below, it’s usually time to switch back to 2-pound line.

Good luck on the river this week!

Roaring River State Park trout-fishing tips are provided by Tim Homesley, owner of Tim’s Fly Shop, located at 23387 Hwy. 112.

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