Jig On the Water, April 14

Roaring River is low and clear, running at 45 CFS. The river has been fishing very well this week with beetles, ants, crackle backs. There are good hatches every morning of tricos, lasting until about 9 a.m. Caddis start showing up about 10:30 a.m., and blue wing olive after 1 p.m.

Caterpillars, small olive wooly worms and black/ yellow marabous did very well this week also.

Fishing nymphs was pretty good, as pheasant tails, scuds, sowbugs, burlaps and copper johns all did well.

Cherise San Juan worms did well this week, as did the apricot and the orange glo balls.

Black zebra midges and root beer zebra midges all did well this week. Black, olive and brown wooly Buggers all did well last week.

Marabou jigs work well in this clear water in olive, black/yellow, white, tan and the green/tan all did well.

Black spinners were good all week, and the pink also did well on Saturday.

White, pink and orange plastic eggs did well this week, as did the same colors in the worms.

The power bait grubs in pink and orange were good this week, and the brown worked good up around the hatchery.

The water is very clear, so if you can, use 2-pound line. Lots of people were using 4-pound line this weekend, and most didn’t do very well.

Good luck this week. I think there is some rain coming, and the river could use a bit, if it changes drastically, I’ll add to my report at Tim’s Fly Shop page on Facebook.

A few inches of rain won’t hurt the river a bit, unless we get it all in an hour.

Roaring River State Park trout-fishing tips are provided by Tim Homesley, owner of Tim’s Fly Shop, located at 23387 Hwy. 112.