Jig On the Water, March 24

The water is at 62 CFS right now. This is great water to fish; it is clear and running well.

There’s still great dry fly fishing this week with caddis, BWOs and midges. We are starting to see more tricos in the morning, and with the warmer weather, we are already doing well on beetles and ants.

Pheasant tail nymphs worked very well all week, and green cracklebacks did extremely well all week. Black wooly buggers and wooly worms were very effective all week also.

Pink San Juan worms, and cheese yellow San Juan worms were good all last week.

Orange glo-balls were good, as were the apricot glo-balls.

As for dry flies, I’m using 9’7X leaders, and for nymphs, I’m using 9’6X leaders.

Mega worms, mop flies and blob flies also did well this week.

Plastic baits were great this week. The yellow powerbait grubs were working all week, and the pink is still pretty good. The brown works sometimes.

White family fishing eggs were very good this week, as were the natural fish oil eggs.

White worms, cheese worms, and mint green worms were good all week.

Spinners were good early in the morning. The black, skunk, pink and brown spinners were good choices this week.

Two-pound line will work better than 4-pound right now. The fish are spooked by heavier line, so anglers can get away with 4-pound for the first 30 minutes or so — just like the spinners (30 minute wonders).

Then, It’s better to swith to 2-pound line, and to try to avoid white, blue, yellow or red lines, as these will spook the trout. Good moss green or clear line like p-line or gamma, or seagur is great also, but the Gamma mono or the Maxima ultra green line work best here when the water is this clear. Good luck this week!

Roaring River State Park trout-fishing tips are provided by Tim Homesley, owner of Tim’s Fly Shop, located at 23387 Hwy. 112.

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