LIVE UPDATES: Cassville at Seneca Football

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Wildcats win the toss, defer to the second half.
After offside on Cassville, Seneca hits a route cutting to the middle for a 41-yard touchdown. Indians convert the 2, lead 8-0 with 11:52 on the 1Q clock.

Cassville fair catches kick at own 27. Short run, pass complete to Rhodes to force third and 6. Rose sweeps out, pushed out after 2-yard gain. Cassville goes to punt, penalty on Indians give Cassville a first. Short run, incomplete pass force third and 9. Rose up the middle for 2 yards. Cassville punts to Seneca 29.

Indians gain 3, 5, then sweep for a first at the 40. Pass complete to Cassville 26. Wildcats holding on runs, force third and 10. QB scrambles to the 15 for a first. Two runs up the middle and Indians score from 2 out. 2-point conversion fails. Seneca leads 14-0 with 5:09 left in 1Q.

Bailey is hyped after a return to the 38. Seneca forces third and 11. Completion to Bailey give Cats a first to the 50. Sneaky run gives Bailey another first to the 37. Facing third and 10, swing pass falls incomplete. Punt barely crosses the goal line for a touchback.

Fumble recovery by Cassville overruled as down by contact. Indians move up to own 42, QB gains to Wildcats end, but penalty moves it back for third and 12.

End 1Q: Seneca 14, Cassville 0

Completed pass gains for a first. Another couple runs gain first to Cats 37. Hitch route goes rest of the way to put Seneca up 22-0 after 2-point play.

Bailey another solid return to the 38. Loss of 3, pass to Jacobson gains 6 for third and 7. Screen pass incomplete, low Cassville punt rolls to Seneca 13.

Bruising run by Seneca gains to Cassville 30. Pass to the sideline gains to the 3. Indians go up the gut to add another, now up 30-0 with 6:57 left in 2Q.

Bowen returns to the 32. Ewing gains a first to the 42. Jacobson gains 3, Rose is sacked to force third and 16. Pass broken up. Cats punt to Seneca 26.

Roark breaks up long bomb, 3-yard run and on third and 7, dropped pass forces punt to Cassville 35.

Two short runs bring up third and 9, Rose scrambles and pass incomplete. Cassville punts out of bounds at Seneca 27.

Indians complete to the Cassville 47 with 1:23 left on the clock. Seneca gains 6, calls TO. Pass complete to the 13 and Roark’s lays a massive hit after the catch. Penalty and TFL move it back to 22. Another completion and another huge hit by Roark, 8 seconds left on clock. Indians try to hurry up but whistle blows and clock stops. They spike it, but before another play is run, white hat signals the clock to run out due to previous stoppage (maybe Seneca called a timeout they didn’t have?). First half ends.

Halftime: Seneca 30, Cassville 0

Thompson returns second half kick to the 38. No gain run, TFL makes it third and 13. Rose sacked at the 27. Wildcats punt blocked, Indians get it at the Cassville 23.

Indians move the chains for first and goal from the 7, score on next play. Seneca leads 38-0 with 8:14 left in 3Q.

James returns to the 31. Short gains bring up third and 1. Runner held at the line. Rose pushes the line to convert on fourth to the 40. Pass complete to Bailey at the 20 called back on a hold. Option pitch is fumbled. Seneca gets ball at Cassville 31.

Indians fumble it back on the next play. Cassville at their own 24. Pass incomplete, short run makes it third and 8. Slant to Ewing us caught, another holding moves it back for third and 14 with 40 seconds left in 3Q. Pass to Ewing called just out of bounds on the catch.

End 3Q: Seneca 38, Cassville 0

Cassville punts to Seneca 37. On third and 5, QB gains a first to the Cats 46. Two runs bring up third and 6, chains moved so she 36. After 2-yard run, QB hits the away sideline for a 34-yard TD run. Indians up 44-0 with 6:32 left in 4Q.

Bowen returns to 22. Bailey gains 8, holding moves it to the 24. 3-yard Bailey run brings up third and 5. Pass completed but no gain. Bailey pushes for first and gains it. Clock is under 3 minutes. On third and 12 with backups in, run goes for 3 to bring fourth and 9.

Final: Seneca 44, Cassville 0