Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week, April 24

Evren is eager to find her new home. She is a black and white colored Great Pyrenees mix. Her date of birth is Feb. 8, 2024. Evren and her siblings were dumped on the highway and brought to the Haven. She would love to find her forever home soon, so she doesn’t have to spend any more time in the shelter. Evren and her siblings are available to move to a home now. The Haven is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days a week.
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Through the Years, April 24

30 YEARS AGO: WATCH THE BIRDIE--Cassville’s Flat Creek Emu Farm will soon be the subject of a video presentation designed to promote the fast rowing type of farming. In the photo above, Jerry Crowe, owner and a video crew doing the filming go over some of the subjects that are to be covered in this segment of the film. Crowe said the video will be used with other Flat Creek Emu promotions to anyone interested I purchasing the program. It will go through the Processes of raising the birds and their market value. All this was well and good, and proceeded well, until the mischievous birds began picking at the belts of the crew or breaking the equipment and sometimes picking their pockets of handkerchiefs.
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Haven of the Ozarks Pet of the Week, April 17

Who needs some Gin? Gin’s estimated date of birth is May 15, 2022, and she’s a black and brown Rottweiler. Gin and Tonic are sisters who were found and brought to us as strays. Tonic has found her home, but Gin is still looking for her people. Gin can be timid at first, but she warms up to new people within a couple of days, and when she sees somebody she knows approaching, she wags her whole entire butt.
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Through the years, April 10

40 YEARS AGO: COFFERDAM AT CREEK BRIDGE PROJECT — Workmen (at right) install the first part of a cofferdam at the Flat Creek bridge replacement on Sales Barn Road in Cassville. The area in which concrete is to be poured has now been completely circled and pumping has started.
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Through the Years, April 3

40 YEARS AGO: FIXING WATER LEAKS — It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it, and Cassville public works people are getting good at the process of fixing water leaks in town. Cut-over of new water towers and added pressure on some weak or old water lines, have combined to produce a number of loss water situations for city government. Tuesday morning was no exception, as James Henry and Jeff Stockton were at the east edge of Cassville just off Highway 248 fixing a leak that was obviously spewing a lot of water.
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Through the Years, March 27

40 YEARS AGO: AMPLE WATER PROVIDES FALL--Spring moisture in the area makes every runnable stream flowing at near full tilt these days. One example is a 90-foot waterfall from atop the spring bluff at Roaring River State Park. This photo Monday shows a healthy stream of water cascading past well worn rock bluffs. Merle Rogers, park naturalist, said the stream is flowing about 35 million gallons of water daily. Average for the spring is 22 million. Contributing to the water situation is the 7.07 inches of rainfall and snow moisture measured in March. Thus far in April, readings Monday were 1.11, says Mary Ann Thomas of the U.S. Forest Service. For the year rainfall stands at 12.55 inches. This March was the wettest since the 7.48 inches recorded in 1978.
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Barry County Sheriff’s Office calls for service and reports taken

March 11-17 The Barry County Sheriff's Office responded to 232 calls for service for the week of March 11-17. The CAD events created by central dispatch are the Calls for Service Barry County Officers respond to every day, included in those calls are alarms, assaults, burglaries, domestic disturbances, DWI's, stealing, harassment, medical issues, paper service, prisoner transports, suspicious persons, traffic stops and warrant service. Reports are not generated on all the calls for service. The following reports were generated from the above 232 calls:
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