Cassville senior honored in 2024 Missouri Scholars 100 Program

Cassville senior Emerson Grossman has been selected for ”Honorable Mention” in the prestigious 2024 Missouri Scholars 100 program.

This statewide initiative recognizes outstanding academic achievement, honoring Missouri’s top 100 graduating students.

The announcement was made by Tyler Willis, principal at Cassville High School, recognizing the student’s exceptional commitment to academic excellence.

Sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, the Missouri Scholars 100 Program invites nominations from schools statewide. Selection is determined by a comprehensive formula incorporating the student’s grade point average, ACT or SAT scores, and participation in an ”Academic Decathlon” encompassing ten events that assess the student’s academic prowess.

To qualify, students must meet stringent criteria, including a minimum GPA of 3.750, a minimum ACT score of 29 (or a minimum SAT score of 1,280), ranking in the upper 10% of their class, and enrollment in high-level courses in mathematics, science, English, and foreign language. Exemplary attendance, outstanding citizenship and active participation in school activities are also essential.

Clark Mershon, Executive Director of the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, remarked, ”The Missouri Scholars 100 Program stands as one of the premier academic recognition programs in the country, celebrating the dedication and success of students who have upheld the highest academic standards. It is a true celebration of learning,’ Mershon said.

This year marks the 30th Annual Missouri Scholars 100 recognition program, a testament to three decades of honoring academic excellence. For further information, people may contact MoASSP at 573-445-5071.