LIVE UPDATES: Cassville vs. Nevada football

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Wildcats win the toss and defer to the second half. Kickoff sails through the returner’s hands into the end zone. Nevada starts at the 20. Hitch route connects for 9, next run gains a first to the 35. RB breaks free, Roark chases him down at the Cassville 22. Completion gains 4 after another Roark tackle, run gains 4 more for third and 2. Misdirection sweep left scores from 14 yards. Nevada leads 7-0 after kick is nearly blocked. 9:14 to go in 1Q.

Roark fields the kick, returns to the 29. Rose keeps the handoff for 6, Wildcats gain a first to Nevada 33. Jacobson cuts through the middle off tackles to the 16 for another first. Jacobson again takes the pitch and fights his way to paydirt. Wildcats knot it at 7-7 with 5:29 left in 1Q.

Another kick into the end zone by Vincent. Incomplete pass, run gains 3, next one gains a first. Sweep hits the edge for a 58-yard TD. Offside on PAT lets Nevada go for 2, conversion is good. Nevada leads 15-7 with 3:23 left in 1Q.

Duffed kick recovered at the 46. Rose gains 11 for a first. Run loses 1, Bowen gains 5 for third and 6, pass is dropped to force fourth down, screen pass is short. Ball is turned over on downs at the Nevada 38.

Run gains 5, another gets a first to midfield. Run gains 5.

End 1Q: Nevada 15, Cassville 7

Run gains first to Cassville 36. 3-yard gain, Bailey tackled in the backfield to make it third and 8. Wildcats hold to make it fourth and 3, Thompson stops him a yard short. Wildcats take over at own 27.

Rose breaks free for 21. Run stopped at the line, Jacobson gains 7, Bailey gains a first to Tigers’ 33. Rose gains 5, Jacobson takes a pitch and gains a first to the 20. Bailey gains a few but a hold brings it back. Rose drags a tackler for 19 yards, Bailey busts in from 11. PAT no good, Nevada leads 15-13 with 5:51 to go in 2Q.

Return goes to the Cassville 26 after Thompson races to stop the returner. Run gains 6, no gain brings third down, short gain makes it fourth and 4, compete pass gets a first to the 7. False start moves it back, run gains to the 8, incomplete makes it third and goal, double handoff gets to the 4 on fourth down. Handoff scores from 4, Nevada leads 22-13 with 1:43 left in 2Q.

Kick covered at the ‘Cats 36. Run is stuffed for loss of 2, Rose gains 4, HB pass from Thompson to Roark gains to the 22, 36 seconds in the half. Pass picked at the 15, returned to the 22. Tigers gain a few, call timeout with 19.9 left in 2Q. Sweep stopped after short gain.

Halftime: Nevada 22, Cassville 13

Roark takes the kick, downed at the 15 of Cassville. Jacobson gets 7, ball is fumbled at the 17 and recovered by Tigers.

Bailey QB pressure forces incomplete, Handoff gains 5, third down run gains a first. Handoff goes 13 for a score, pulled out for a block in the back. Two short runs, horse collar on Cassville moves it to the 6. Tigers pass for the s pre on next play. Nevada leads 30-13 with 8:40 in 3Q.

Roark returns kick to the 29. Jacobson gains 6, Bailey gets a first to the 43. Rose keeps for 3, Bailey finds a lane for a first to the 46. Run stopped at the line, next run loses 1 to make it third and long, pass incomplete. Wildcats punt downed by Morse at the Tigers 2.

Run gains 8, another moves it to the 20 for a first. Run gains 4, another first up to the 35. Run gets 8 as Nevada chews clock to last minute of third quarter. Another first at the 46, then 9-yard gain crosses midfield.

End 3Q: Nevada 30, Cassville 13

Tigers gain a first to the 38, sweep scores on next play. Nevada leads 37-13 with 11:18 to play.

Penalty on return places ball on Cassville 13. Run gains 1, Thompson gets 14 for a first down to the 28. Facemask on Tigers moves ball up to the 42. Thompson gains 2, then a first. Incomplete pass, Rose gets 2 to bring third and 8, Roark cuts to the home sideline for a 45-yard TD strike, 2-point play is good. Nevada leads 37-21 with 7:07 to play.

Onside goes not quite 10 yards, Tigers take it at Cassville 46. Run gains 1, on third and 4 Tigers false start. Nevada gains first to the 35, run gains another to the 24. Run loses 1, pass complete to the 20. First down at the 13, score on next play. Nevada leads 44-21 with 2:49 left in the game.

Bailey returns to the 41, incomplete pass, Bailey gains big but fumbled it out of bounds. Penalty negates the run either way. Short run brings third and 18. Pass picked at the Tigers 45 with 1:33 to play.

Final: Nevada 44, Cassville 21