Record year for Power of Pink

By Jessica Breger

Power of Pink celebrated the largest donation amount in the event’s history on Mother’s Day weekend this year.

This year’s banquet and walk brought in a total of $53,442.90, giving four local women over $13,360 each to help during their fight with breast cancer.

This brings the total number of women helped by the organization to 54 over the past 14 years.

“It’s our record setting year,” said Janice McCracken, founder of Power of Pink.

This year not only saw the largest banquet auction of the event’s history, but also introduced a 5K run to accompany the annual walk.

The run proved to be a popular addition, with one runner, 71-year-old Henry Coeme, of Neosho, running the course not only once, but going back to join his wife on the last part of her run, as well.

“I’m very humbled,” said Manna Koopman, one of this year’s recipients. “There’s a lot of support here.”

Koopman said she had begun researching breast cancer when her friend was diagnosed five years ago and they got involved with Power of Pink.

“I thought, ‘This is going to affect me one day,’ and here I am,” Koopman said.

Koopman said she encourages people to get genetic testing done to screen for different types of cancer and find possible issues early on.

Beyond the funds raised each year, both past and present Pink Ladies emphasized that it is the support that really matters.

“It gives you a pink community of total strangers that you can identify with,” said Erma Mast, a 2020 recipient.

Mast said she likes to stay involved with the organization by giving to the auctions and raffle each year to help give back and support others fighting breast cancer.

“Now I can help be a blessing to others,” she said.

To learn more about the Power of Pink or become involved with the organization, people may visit www.powerofpinkmo. com.

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