‘Mobile’ successfully deployed in Barry County

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Program allows for officer tracking, communication to dispatch

Barry County E9-1-1 and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office have successfully deployed a new program, Mobile, which will allow officers to see real-time remarks being made on 9-1-1 calls, as well as allowing the dispatchers to better track officers’ locations so they can dispatch the closest unit to emergency calls.

Mike Phillips, Barry County E9-1-1 director, said every fire department, EMS department and law enforcement entity county wide has the option to enroll in the program.

“We have had this conversation over many years with past administrations,” he said. “Once [Sheriff] Danny [Boyd] was elected, we both had the desire to implement this. There was some hardware and equipment that needed to be purchased, as well as server licenses.”

Phillips said the good partnership between the two agencies was a great help in deciding to install Mobile.

“On our side of things [at Barry County E9-1-1], we have to have server equipment and licenses,” Phillips said. “That was $45,000 in cost for that phase 1. Phase 2 is smaller scale and is looking at about $10,000 in cost, as every user will have to have that license.”

Boyd said at the time he came in to his office, there were no computers in the cars, so that was one of the first steps in beginning Mobile.

“For us, it helped a deputy to see the history on a location when responding to a call,” Boyd said. “It has been a great asset in allowing dispatch to see where our guys are and how long they have been there.”

Phillips said Mobile helps to get more timely information sharing across all departments.

“As soon as the information is put into the CAD and saved, it is available for the officer to see it,” he said. “It was the first part of September when all licenses were obtained and equipment installed, and Mobile has been successfully deployed.”

In addition, the city of Cassville has installed Mobile.

“Some of the smaller departments haven’t made that decision yet or have decided to not participate,” Phillips said. “It is offered to all EMS and Fire Departments as well. The Barry-Lawerence County Ambulance District decided to take part, but Mercy has its own version.

“From the dispatch side of things, it would be beneficial to have Mobile installed to all departments.”

Phillips said this is a good example of agencies working together.

“I appreciate working with Boyd,” he said. “This conversation has been had for a long time, and his administration was able to get the equipment needed to move forward.”

Boyd said that officer safety is a big issue, and this is a tool that will help with that.

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