Purdy preps for town sewer repairs, clean-up

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

City leaders concerned about money, staff time and convenience

Purdy is preparing for its annual fall clean-up, scheduled for the week of Oct. 11-15.

During the clean-up, city staff will remove unwanted items from the curb at local homes.

The city council discussed a number of options designed to help ease the burden on the two city staff members who manage the clean-up, including placing large dumpsters in or around town and allowing residents to dispose of their refuse on their own, rather than city staff going door to door to manage the clean-up.

Ultimately, the city council elected to continue with the traditional format, encouraging residents to place their refuse at the curb, and will explore the option for placing large dumpsters somewhere in town for residents to use when disposing of larger items.

The problem with that idea, however, is finding a way to ensure that only Purdy residents are using the dumpsters, and ensuring that items get placed inside the dumpster, rather than thrown on the ground near the receptacle.

The city also discussed sewer improvements planned by contracted engineer Bob Sells.

City Administrator Debbie Redshaw said Sells is planning various projects that will amount to a total of $126,608 worth of work. In its 2021-22 budget, the city approved $120,000 for sewer improvements, which are required by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“Some of this stuff we don’t have a choice in the matter,” Redshaw said. “We’re committed to the DNR to do this.”

Council member Scott Redshaw said he was concerned about going over budget for the work.

Debbie said the city has some wiggle room in the budget for the sewer rehab work.

“We didn’t spend everything we budgeted last year, so we have some room,” she said.

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