Bob Mitchell: Autumn begins with a new COVID variant

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Good news is on the horizon this day with the beginning of autumn, which is one of the most fantastic seasons beginning for the Ozarks.

Thatís on the good side of the news. Now flip the fact coin over, weíre being told there is a new COVID virus variant on the horizon that might not be effective with vaccines that have been injected in the arms of millions of Americans.

As one of those who believes in science and medicine, there is an opinion rolling around my mind that this pandemic will be with us for quite some time, perhaps even years.


Credit this possibility with those folks who will not be vaccinated in attempts to eradicate the disease from any population. In this country anyone who is not taking the opportunities to get the vaccine is simply endangering themselves, their family (if they have one), their friends, or anyone with whom they come in contact.

I believe this is reasonable thinking and they are so off base it is an absolute crime.

Discounting the nations of the world who will not have the opportunity to become vaccinated, these are the folks who will keep the pandemic with us for unknown years into the future. That will mean millions of people will not have a full life due to the inability, the absolute disbelief of the means for combating the problem or for the reason of their place in the world the solution to the problem is not simply available to them.

Stories around

Some of the stories going around concerning various situations are sometimes interesting.

One story concerned an expectant mother, who had missed a chance after opportunity to receive the vaccine, but would not for whatever reason she might have on her mind. Actually, she was one of those non-vaccine individuals.

She contracted the virus and was in a coma, resulting in her baby being taken by C-section 12 weeks early.

However, the story ends well, she survived the virus once medicine stepped in to save her life, and the baby was also surviving.

As a result of the situation, this woman said she was going to become one of the vaccinated and would urge others to follow suit in an effort to do all she could to combat this virus.

Appropriate action

I had a telephone conversation recently with a person involved in an industry whose employment number is just under 2,000. He said his firm was offering several incentives to employees to become vaccinated. Their reasoning was to keep the numbers on the job, protect themselves, their families, fellow workers and anyone with whom they might come in contact.

Company expenditures in this effort were running about $260,000, for this one firm. Thatís dedication toward the opposition to the pandemic.

Effort is free

Many people these days will go for about anything that doesnít cost them anything. Believe this or not, offer something without cost that has a value to someone and see how fast you get taken up on the deal. Those people will flock by the hundreds to a free hot dog to observe a special event. Yet, something like a simple, painless, vaccination that could save their life or save many others, they balk for whatever their reasons might be.

For generations medicine has given Americans the opportunity to avoid childhood diseases and those that could attack whole populations. Take Polio for instance, it was science and medicine that virtually wiped that disease from the face of the earth.

Perhaps itís attitude

There might be another scope on this situation, and itís the attitude of certain segments of our population these days combined with their insane thinking that is a big part of the problem.

I nearly fell out of my chair on this one.

On one of those talking-heads news broadcast, a member of Congress was voicing his opinion and doubt if there would ever be another Democracy in these United States of America again.

Signing off for this time, here is one of my best prayers, ďGod, save these United States of America and give her the opportunity to really and truly once again take her place at the top of the list of the outright leaders of the world.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat. He is a 2017 inductee to both the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame and Missouri Southern State Universityís Regional Media Hall of Fame.

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