Cassville completing summer projects

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Street repairs scheduled across town

The summertime weather offers a great opportunity to complete many projects without running the risk of severe rain or cold interrupting, and the city of Cassville started the year with a list of such projects, now seeing some come into completion.

David Brock, Cassville public works director, said the capital projects for the summer of 2021 are moving along.

“Aquatic Center resurfacing is substantially complete, with minor tile work and painting to occur after the season ends,” he said. “Architectural plans are 95 percent complete for the downtown park bathroom. Final design work hinges on whether the city will join the federal flood insurance program.”

In the second half of August, the city will be paving the South Park trail. The preparatory work is currently underway.

“Street resurfacing [is also] expected in the second half of August,” Brock said. “It was expected a bit earlier in the year but may be delayed a bit longer. We were advised early this year that much of Hutchens

asphalt plant was dedicated to producing asphalt for Highway 37. All their local work was put off until that project was completed.”

At this time, there are no further plans for replacing the 7th street bridge.

Description of expected work on street resurfacing:

• Wastewater treatment plant entranceway — including parking area with a 2-inch overlay and 145 feet of narrow milling

• South Park trail — 2,760 feet by 10 feet of 3-inch overlay. Includes handwork around park bench seating.

• West Avenue — 2-inch cold milling and fill from 9th Street to its end.

• Bee Tree — From Cedar to its end; 3-inch overlay with 1.5-inch leveling course and 1.5-inch surfacing course.

• Cedar — From Birch to Bee Tree; 3-inch over-lay with 1.5-inch leveling course and 1.5-inch surfacing course.

• Vine and Birch — From Wildwood to Oak; 3-inch overlay with 1.5- inch leveling course and 1.5-inch surfacing course.

• Chappell Drive — From Farm Road 1098 to its end; 3-inch overlay with 1.5-inch leveling course and 1.5-inch surfacing course.

All driveways and mail-box turnouts are to receive an 18-inch wide apron, and milled butt joints are required at intersecting asphalt public streets.

In addition, the work on the South Park electric and WiFi improvements are well underway to completion.

“Parking lot lighting and new electric service pedestals for special events is completed and in service,” Brock said. “All underground components and utility poles for soccer field lighting and WiFi is installed, still need light supports and fixture and WiFi transmitters and receivers installed on the poles.”

Brock said most everything has been on schedule except for the Downtown Park bathrooms.

“The original schedule had us completing construction this year,” he said. “However, the architect fell behind due to COVID and then we changed the design requirements to include flood damage protection elements.”

Another project that is not going to plan was to conduct an engineering analysis on industrial wastewater going to the treatment plant.

“After advertising for 30 days with the Missouri Municipal League, we received no response, so I am researching which firms to solicit directly,” he said. “I don’t believe the study will be completed and approved by the end of the year.”

Costs of projects and other capital expenditures include:

· Pool rehab - $267,000 paid to date, $10,000 held as retainage for completion of tile work and painting.

· South Park Trail Paving – estimated cost of $70,000 with 75 percent paid by Grant funds to include reimbursement of work performed by City crews. Just under $2,000 cash expenditures to date.

· South Park Electric and WiFi Improvements - $40,000 appropriated and just under $17,000 has been spent to date.

· Street resurfacing - $341,800 estimated and includes paving entrance drive to the wastewater treatment plant and the walking trail.

· Water well repairs and equipment replacement - completed $7,800 spent to date

· Replace meter reader truck – truck on order for $27,00

· Water meter replacement – bid award on August agenda $12,000

· Wastewater Lamphole replacement – bid awarded for $28,300 waiting for work to begin.

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