Seligman auction plan given go by Planning and Zoning, denied by council

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Galyen: ‘They have to get here to see what we have here’

A process to bring a miscellaneous and poultry auction to Seligman started more than three months ago, but the road seems to have dead ended at the July city council meeting.

Junior Galyen, of Seligman, spent months working with the Planning and Zoning Committee, finally landing a spot in front of the Seligman City Council.

Galyen attends a similar auction in Oklahoma each month, which is his inspiration for what he hoped to bring to Seligman.

Last week, he sold thousands of dollars worth of items at the Oklahoma auction, and he drew a crowd of more than 200 people.

The property Galyen was looking at for this endeavor was just south of City Hall, which is currently zoned as residential.

In order to get the property rezoned, Galyen set out on a months-long journey.

“I sent out letters to everyone who has property that adjoins the property or is within 185 feet of the property,” he said. “Then, I paid for a notice of the public hearing to go in the paper so that people could voice their opinions and concerns. I did everything I was told to do. I got copies of the city ordinances and learned a lot.”

Galyen attended three or four Planning and Zoning meetings to address this topic.

“At the first one, they told me things I needed to do,” he said. “At the second one, some people showed up, there were conversations and the committee voted on the rezoning of the property.”

The vote ended in 4-4 tie.

At the next Planning and Zoning meeting, the motion to rezone the property was approved, which meant it would be taken to the city council.

“Planning and Zoning has to recommend the rezoning of the property to the city council,” Galyen said. “I thought the Planning and Zoning Committee would write the proposal for the city council, but no-one wrote anything. So, what was presented was a kind rough draft that I originally wrote up.”

Galyen said understandably, the city council had many questions, not about the rezoning, which was approved by the city council unanimously, but about the special use permit that was approved by the Planning and Zoning Committee.

“Bob Hughes had a lot of concerns regarding cloven hoofed animals,” Galyen said. “That was in the original rough draft, but it had been discussed that wouldn’t be something we did. It was going to be a miscellaneous and poultry auction, with rabbits.”

The idea was to approve all or nothing, the rezoning and the special permit use, or Galyen would not purchase the property.

When the city voted on the special use permit, it was a split vote 2-2, so Mayor Mike Avers broke the tie with a vote to not approve it.

“The city had issues with some of the wording in the application,” Galyen said. “Now, the property is still zoned as residential, and I will not be purchasing it.”

While Galyen is not ready to answer the exact nature of his next step, he did allude to a property near city hall, but outside of city limits.

“I will still be pursuing options to have a miscellaneous and poultry auction in or near Seligman,” he said. “I travel to Oklahoma every month, and I truly believe this would be a good thing for Seligman. It will bring people here, where they will spend money and begin to grow Seligman.

“They have to get here to see what we have here.”

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