Wheaton refreshes buildings in preparation for fall

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Flooring, windows, doors all on summer projects list

Summertime doesn’t mean vacation for everyone.

In fact area schools, like the Wheaton school district, are hard at work dealing with maintenance projects to be completed by the start of school.

Trish Wilson, Wheaton superintendent, said the projects on this summer’s list are all general maintenance and upkeep.

“In the central building, we are resealing concrete on the outside to stop leakage on both sides of the hallway,” she said. “It will be resealed, recaulked and repainted.”

The central building restrooms are also getting new epoxy on the floor.

“In the high school, we are putting in new flooring in the front entry corridor,” Wilson said. “With all of the cleaning from last year, it really took a toll on the floor, so we are putting in a new luxury wood-looking vinyl flooring.”

In the high school gym, there will be two doors replaced after school starts.

“The new doors will on the east side of the gym will be replaced for a better exit,” said Gary Bertalotto, maintenance supervisor. “They will be FRP doors, like all of the new doors recently put in for better security.”

The elementary building will have its widows replaced throughout the building.

“We are replacing all single-pane windows, as well as the glass block windows,” Bertalotto said. “This will allow for an operable window in every classroom.”

The window replacements and the new gym doors were all part of the safety training in which the school participates.

“Federal funds also paved a new pick-up and drop-off lane,” Wilson said. “This is all being done by CARES money or ESSER funds.”

Three new HVAC units will be added to the elementary building.

“In-house projects include a door movement,” Bertalotto said. “It is to secure the pre-K area into the building, so there will be no access outside of the building to the classroom.”

A new server to handle all the technology will also be installed.

“The current server is just at the end of its life,” Wilson said. “We are lucky it has lasted as long as it has. We want to replace it before it goes down.”

All projects will be completed before school starts, except for the new gym doors, which will be completed the first week of September.

“CTS has been contracted out for all of the work,” Wilson said. “The only challenge we have had is we were worried about postponing the windows because of getting glass supplied, but that has been delivered.”

The Wheaton school district received $830,250 in ESSER II funds.

“We are excited, after a somewhat crazy year, to have students come back and see a refreshed look,” Wilson said. “All of the buildings will look good, and that is exciting for students and staff.”

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