Cassville Police Department purchases body, dash cams

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

New vehicle for meter reader bought from Les Jacobs Ford

The city of Cassville recently made two major equipment purchases, one for the police department and another for the public works department.

The larger purchase was for the police, an agreement for body and dash cameras from Axom Enterprise totaling $132,363.53.

The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company is one of the most frequently used in the country, according to Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr. The department will receive 12 body cameras and seven in-car cameras, and in 30 months, will get another set of body cameras. After 60 months, the department will receive a third set of body cameras and a second set of in-car cameras.

“We only budgeted $83,000 for this, but when you look at the whole package, it is worth it,” Kammerlohr said. “We will pay $82,000 the first year, then the other $49,000 in four [annual] payments.”

The city received three other bids: $73,165 from Watchguard, $76,737 from Stalker and $101,910 from Turnkey.

Kammerlohr said the benefits with the Axom choice are numerous. The cameras integrate with the department’s evidence software, and its record management system is currently developing a module to integrate with the cameras, as well.

Videos automatically upload, via a mobile router in the vehicle using 4G, to, where four administrators will have access, and a set of protocols is in place to prevent any deleting of video. The only editing that may be done is to block out faces for legal anonymity, such as if a minor is depicted.

Kammerlohr said some video may remain in the cloud indefinitely, based on protocols.

The cameras will switch on automatically when lights and sirens are activated, or when an officer pulls a taser or firearm. Every officer will have a body camera, and car cameras will go in the seven patrol cars. The department has two administrative vehicles, and in the rare case those are involved in incidents, the body camera can be placed in a holder on the vehicle.

In other purchases for the city, the public works department recommended the purchase of a Ford F-150 Extended Cab for the city’s meter reader.

Three bids were received: $24,616 from Les Jacobs Ford, with an additional $2,062 for four-wheel drive; $26,034 from Republic Ford, with an additional $3,105 for four-wheel drive; and $26,801 from Joe Machens, with an additional $2,750 for four-wheel drive.

The City Council opted to accept the bid from Les Jacobs Ford at a total of $26,678. The budgeted amount for the purchase was $35,000.

The current truck for the meter reader is a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 with 79,000 miles.

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