New business may be coming to Washburn

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sales tax revenue, easy shopping for locals in new Dollar General

The city of Washburn has some big news — a possible new Dollar General in city limits that will benefit the city with sales tax revenue.

On July 15, the Washburn Board of Aldermen voted to approve the build of the new business.

The conversation first began in early 2021, and the vote to approve the build was unanimous.

Emily Arnett, Washburn city clerk, said a representative for Dollar General at the meeting said the final decision to build will be made by fall.

According to meeting minutes, there was one issue with the location of the build. A water hydrant on the property would need to be relocated.

All that is required for this to be resolved is the input on where the city would want the hydrant relocated and the engineers for the build to move the hydrant to the newly designated spot on the property.

Washburn Mayor John Tiedeman said he is pleased that Dollar General is considering opening a location in Washburn.

“We are absolutely tickled,” he said.

The exact impact for the city regarding the sales tax revenue is not yet known, but any addition is seen as a positive for the city.

Washburn currently has a 1 percent sales tax.

Angela Petkovic, Dollar General Corporation public relations representative, said at this time, the company is still in its due diligence phase for the new Dollar General build in Washburn off Highway 37.

“This means we are reviewing the opportunity to add a new store in Barry County, but we have not committed to doing so just yet,” she said. “Based on our current timeline, we anticipate to have a final decision on this by fall 2021.

“In selecting store sites, we take a number of factors into consideration, carefully evaluating each potential new store location to ensure we can continue to meet our customers’ price, value and selection needs.”

Petkovic said the new Dollar General would employ anywhere from 6-10 employees.

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