Sales tax receipts rebound in May

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Receipts for Cassville up 19 percent over last year

Sales tax payments to Barry County and its cities took a sharp upswing in May.

The widespread downturn of sales tax payments in April ended the 12-month trend of constantly rising numbers, likely stemming from a reduction in travel during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Numbers in May shrugged off the April slide as an anomaly, bouncing upward drastically in every city.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received a combined total of $757,369.08, up 22 percent from a year ago. Every city saw an increase, though Wheaton’s numbers reflected a gain on balance of its two taxes.

Cassville’s 1 percent sales tax for its general fund received $103,998.66, up $16,751.47, or 19 percent, from last May, erasing the $3,221 drop in April.

Seligman’s 1 percent tax generated $13,716.80, up $2,241.69, or 19.5 percent, from last May, sustaining an eight-month streak of rising totals.

Washburn’s 1 percent tax for its general fund yielded $2,413.81, up $633.16 from a year ago.

Exeter’s 1 percent tax produced $3,549.58, up $1,023.60, or almost 41 percent, the first time Exeter’s receipts has topped $3,000 since April 2019.

Wheaton’s 1 percent tax for its general fund received $8,995.83, down $136.53 from last May. That was offset by the $221.80 gain in the city’s transportation sales tax.

Wheaton’s pattern of sales tax receipts remained mysterious, with its .5 percent tax generating less than a quarter of its 1 percent tax.

Purdy reversed a two-month downward trend with its 1 percent sales tax for its general fund. Purdy received $8,168.57, up $1,815.34, or making up about half of the drop in April receipts. It was the highest May total in the 11 years that Purdy has collected only one tax for its general fund.

That raised Purdy’s 11-month fiscal year sum for its general fund to $59,350.61, still down about $4,000 from a year ago. Purdy’s 2021 general fund sum of $26,257.93 is running about $3,500, or 12 percent, below the start of 2020.

Monett, the biggest sales tax generator in the bi-county area, recovered from the 4 percent drop in its general fund sales taxes in April with a new May record. The two taxes combined for a total of 1 percent generated $198,667.46, up $38,714.28 or 24 percent. The sum continued a pattern in May sales tax of higher payments to Monett every other year that’s been going on since 2012.

Two months into the new fiscal year, Monett’s general fund hit $352,803.89, up 10 percent from a year ago. Monett’s 2021 general fund total reached $875,440.53, up over $52,000, or 6 percent, from the start of 2020.

Countywide taxes all saw gains, based on the strength of the municipal performance.

Barry County’s two .5 percent sales taxes for paying general bills and maintaining roads each took in $236,160, representing a gain of $175,950, or 34 percent, from last May. That boosted the county’s 2021 totals to around $958,000 each, each up 9 percent.

Barry County’s .375 percent emergency services tax generated $177,023.18, up $45,091.78, or 34 percent, from last May. Lawrence County’s .5 percent tax yielded $151,096.09, up $32,177.49, or 27 percent, from a year ago.

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