Seligman mulls live auction idea

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Local man encouraging residents to come to next meeting

The city of Seligman will again hear from an applicant looking to bring miscellaneous auctions into the city limits.

Junior Galyen, of Seligman, said he brought the idea to the city about a month ago, then went on to fill out the proper paperwork and get the process started.

According to Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, the planning and zoning commission did not render a decision due to a tie vote. The applicant asked to speak to the Board of Aldermen about his application. He said he will be at the June 14 meeting as part of the audience.

Gaylen was the previous owner of the Exeter Sale Barn.

“I owned it on two different occasions for a 20-year span,” he said. “There have been some rumors about what it is I am trying to do in Seligman.

“I am not trying to build a livestock auction similar to what I had in Exeter. What I am looking to do is a miscellaneous auction.”

Gaylen said this would be for people who want to have a yard sale but didn’t have the time to actually do it.

“They could bring the stuff to us, we would organize it and put it together and sell it for them,” he said. “We would also like to sell live chickens.

“Eventually, six months or so after we would open, my daughter would like to put in some sheep, goats and pigs to be auctioned off, too.”

Nothing would be housed on the property for more than 24 hours.

“The plan would be for all animals to be loaded in and loaded out in 10-12 hours,’ he said. “I would say 75 percent of the business sold be miscellaneous items, and 25 percent would be animals.”

As far as hours of operation, Galyen said at most, it would be open once per week.

“When we start out, it would most likely only be once per month,” he said. “We may eventually go to once per week on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.”

Galyen said he wants to bring this to Seligman, because he lives in Seligman, and he wants people to see the good in the city.

“I don’t want to have it in Arkansas because there are too many rules and regulations guided by big business,” he said. “But, the biggest reason is because it would help the city.”

First, Galyen said the business would employ 10 people.

“It would also be a big draw for people to come to the area from outside of city limits,” he said. “They wouldn’t come to Seligman for any other reason, and local businesses, like the convenient stores, would benefit from the people traveling here.”

Gaylen said he believes people from 50-100 miles away could be drawn to the city by the new business.

“People in northwest Arkansas think Seligman has a bad name,” he said. “It is a good place, and drawing people to come see it will help invite more new businesses.”

Gaylen said he believes the Planning and Zoning Committee would like to see more big business come into Seligman city limits.

“We have to start with small business to getter big businesses to come here,” he said. “The planning and zoning meeting in May was very open, and the topic was really discussed.

“They don’t seem to want to rezone where I am trying to go because it is residential.”

Gaylen said the property he is looking at is just south of City Hall and is currently zoned as residential. He would need it to be rezoned as agricultural.

“It seemed pretty split,” he said. “Some want Seligman to be a residential town, and others want more business. It was a difference of views on what is there and what they want to have come to Seligman.”

As part of the application process, Galyen had to send out letters to all residents adjacent to the property he is looking at.

“Three of those residents showed up to the planning and zoning meeting, and they were against it,” he said. “But, that was only three — there are others who could speak up.

“The committee said they had to represent the people and there people didn’t like it, so if it comes down to votes, I need people who support it to show up.”

Gaylen encourages people who are in favor to show up at the June 14 City Council meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

“You don’t have to say anything or stand up,” he said. “Just be there and be in favor of Seligman growing and becoming a more popular town.”

Gaylen has to have the property he is looking at rezoned before he can purchase it.

“I am looking to have a special use permit,” he said. “That means it would not rezone any of the other properties around it, just the one I am looking at.”

The property does already have a building on it, but Galyen said he would look into adding on to it.

Galyen said the auctions would be indoor and outdoor, but mostly indoor.

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