Finalizing Vision 150

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Expanded playground project to be completed by September

Nearly two years of renovations and upgrades are coming to a close this summer, as the $4 million Vision 150 bond issue projects are nearing completion.

In April 2019, the proposition passed with 75 percent in favor, and by June 2019, the list of projects were well underway.

The first- and second-grade renovations, security upgrades and intercom communication systems were some of the first things to be tackled.

Now, a little more than two years after the proposition was passed, the community and district can see an end to the work in the near future.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said while there have been some delays over the last two years, the district is happy to see where the progress is today — nearing its end.

“In the vintage wing, there were some external excavation things that came up,” he said. “That took us a bit to deal with and did create some delays.

“But, those things are expected when dealing with a building originally built in the 1940s.”

One thing still left on the Vision 150 to do list is a middle school entrance.

“When Vision 150 started, safe and secure entrances around the circle drive were planned,” he said. “We have since added a fourth middle school entrance on the side of the Rock Gym. We are finalizing that now.”

Asbill said the last components to Vision 150 are the playground expansions and improvements.

“This project is scheduled for this summer,” he said. “Eunice Thomas Elementary, the Intermediate and Early Childhood Centers will all have work.

“The project will be pretty extensive, as the tentative plans have doubled in size due to additional ADA expansions.”

The estimated cost for the currently planned playground expansions is $800,000-$850,000.

“That is double what we planned, but also double the scope of work,” Asbill said. “These projects will likely start in June and be completed in September.”

Vision 150 has been an amazing and exciting event for the school district, students and the community.

“On May 28, we will open the Wild Academy,” Asbill said. “We will do a ribbon cutting with the Chamber, then open it up for alumni and friends to take a tour.”

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