Bob Mitchell: Mother Nature threw gardeners a cold curve

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Since February apparently got mixed-up on the thundering theory so far as the weather is concerned, putting the noise out on the 17th and usually waiting for May to provide a freeze, it turned its fury on April and bringing a virtual blizzard to parts of the Ozarks.

The good part of the situation is that the white cover was gone the next morning, causing no real problems so far as getting around was concerned.

The miscalculation by this weather situation was that the freeze came before May, which is hopefully opening the season for gardening a little earlier than might have been possible before the weather situation resulted in covered flower and garden plantings, some doing the job, others resulting in cutback predictions on crop productions.

So, since Mother Nature threw the Ozarks a curve with this one, hopefully those losing their first seed or plants will just go back to their source and do another planting.

Recent predictions missed the boat

Those talking heads on TV who are supposed to know something missed the boat in their recent predictions of what people are thinking about, or according to them, should be thinking about.

In their manner of thinking, people should be “wondering if their money is safe,” and then if their “home is safe?”

Their missing the boat came in not including, “is my community safe and progressing?”

In my way of thinking the latter should be number one and the other two should follow. That’s because I can’t get out of the 1970s when Cassville was possibly the most aggressive and progressive in the State of Missouri.

Something happened

There wasn’t any political difference in the efforts for the town in those days. There wasn’t anything that stood in the way of getting a project on the line and then bringing them to town first for an up-close look and eventually locating fully. In fact, there wasn’t a contact made in those days but what eventually came to the City of Seven Valleys to make their new or expanding home.

Then something happened and the ball began bouncing another way and jobs began to disappear out of Cassville, for what reason no one seems to know, or won’t admit.

Is something missing in the picture?

Cassville’s excellent record in production employees has always been the primary resource that the community could go out and sell.

Tax structures were always a factor that a prospect would look favorably upon when considering Cassville for a new plant. This community’s tax base, like so many in the picture of things, hasn’t stayed at the lowest levels of history, nor has that of other communities. But, this factor might be somewhere to look when trying to discover ways of improving the attractiveness of this community.

Availability of economical and highly available electricity was always a significant feature that was a selling point in any presentation prepared for a visiting manufacturer or business.

Completing the picture at one time was when Cassville interests attracted the former Gas Service Co. to expand lines south and become a utility available in the town, an important need of most plants.

It seems as though something is missing in the Cassville picture of replacing jobs that were once the pride of Cassville.

This doesn’t infer those existing companies and jobs aren’t well received and appreciated. Those firms, most of whom have been around for many years, are the backbone of the economy.

Time to make preparations

Like I stated previously, conditions were different in the 1970s, whether those same number of businesses with the owners having the same attitudes those had during that period, no one can predict.

But, they can hope, using all the tools available to them today, to make preparations now for another run for success!

Now for May’s Almanac

Good weather news out of the Almanac during May of this year, and possibly the weather producers did rush things a little after that February incident.

There is a wide open planting plan for the entire month, with the center of the country void of anything but maybe some needed moisture scattered through the month.

There might even be a bonus of good fishing days during the month. How about the 4th through the 6th, 14th through 16th and 23 and 24th for the best days; and then good days supposed to come 2nd and 3rd, and they 27th through 31st

Important dates to remember

There are a couple of important days this month, next Sunday is Mother’s Day, that’s May 9th. Then the beginning of summer on Memorial Day (the old Decoration Day) on Monday, May 31st.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat. He is a 2017 inductee to both the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame and Missouri Southern State University’s Regional Media Hall of Fame.

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