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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Speer: ‘Thank you for the best 10 years ever’

Forever Yours Embroidery and Gifts has been offering gifts and hand-crafted items for a decade, touching many lives in the community, and some even farther away.

Valerie Speer, owner of Forever Yours Embroidery and Gifts, said she is blessed to be in the position she is in.

“We opened on May 3, 2011,” she said. “It is my son’s birthday, and he was off at basic training.”

Speer opened her storefront across the street from her current location just off the Cassville square.

“I was there for about two years,” she said. “Then, I outgrew the location and bought this location in 2013.”

When Speer first started, she had one embroidery machine she worked on, and she handmade the items in her store.

“Eventually, I started purchasing the inventory in the store because I couldn’t keep up with the demand doing it all by myself,” she said. “I now have three embroidery machines and I do vinyl on shirts, windows and doors.”

Speer said she wouldn’t be where she is today without her husband’s support.

“It all started as a personal hobby,” she said. “Then, my husband, who is my biggest supporter, encouraged me to open a shop. My husband saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.”

Her customer base started with a few loyal locals coming in, and now, that base has greatly expanded.

“I have clients from all over,” she said. “Regularly, I see people from Oklahoma, Kansas, Springfield and northwest Arkansas.”

On May 3, the exact day of the store’s 10th anniversary, Speer will celebrate by offering discounts throughout the store.

“Also, people can register to be chosen for a $62 Saranoni throw,” she said. “We will have cake and cookies, and during the whole month of May, every purchase will get registered for a $50 Forever Yours Embroidery and Gifts gift certificate.”

Speer would like to say thank you to all who have supported her.

“Thank you for the best 10 years ever,” she said. “I have wonderful clients and appreciate the support, especially from my husband.

“Thank you to the wonderful clients for letting me be a part of each stage of their lives. From weddings to births, anniversaries, birthdays and so much more. All of my clients are family, I have cried with some and prayed with some, and sometimes just given hugs. It is wonderful to be in that position.”

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