Aquatic Center getting major facelift

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Renovations contracted at $277,000, to be completed prior to 2021 season

While the Aquatic Center prepares for its 20th anniversary of swim- and splash-filled fun, it is also in the process of getting a major facelift in scheduled renovations prior to the summer 2021 season.

David Brock, Cassville public works director, said the renovation on the 20th anniversary is only coincidental.

“This is a substantial rehabilitation of the interior of the pool that addresses a number of problems generated by aging and wear and tear over the last 19 years, as well as some shortcomings that originated from the original construction,” he said. “The underlying problem is the deterioration of concrete, cracking or crumbling floors, walls and surfaces. The surface of the basin was also due to be repainted.”

The project covers these areas:

• All of the skimmer boxes will be replaced. This requires replacing the concrete enclosures that holds and supports the PVC skimmer boxes.

• Repairs of structural cracks in the concrete basin.

• Replacing broken/cracked concrete coping. These are the concrete caps along the edge of the basin.

• Re-finishing the play structures. Metal components will be sandblasted and powder-coated (painted). Fiberglass portions will be refinished with a new gel coat.

• Addition of waterline tile.

“Resurfacing is the big-ticket item,” Brock said. “Because we empty the pool in the off-season and due to the structural cracks, there were two options — do substantial crack repairs and repaint, or install an epoxy based surface.

“The advantage of the epoxy surface is that it will address non-structural cracking and needs only an acrylic sealer as protection from long term exposure.”

The city is using porviva living surfaces for the epoxy surface rehabilitation.

“We solicited proposals for the work in September 2020 and Bluewater Commercial Aquatic Services out of Little Rock was selected for the work,” Brock said. “The original contract amount was $245,000, but we have executed a change order to add new water line tile — the current contract amount is $277,000.”

The need for the change order came about during the demolition phase when it was discovered that the pool surface was designed and constructed for water line tile, but for whatever reason, it was not installed.

“The space for the tile was simply grouted in and painted over and the grout deteriorated worse than the concrete,” Brock said. “The pool's normal maintenance and operations budget for 2021 is $76,950.  

“The cost of the project is being financed over a 10-year period with debt service paid from the city's parks/stormwater sales tax.”

There will be no new features added to the Aquatic Center pool during this renovation.

“The pool is expected to open on the normal schedule of Memorial Day weekend,” Brock said. “However, we are behind on the original project schedule. Some work was expected to occur in February but the weather did not cooperate.

“Also, the contractor had planned to use a local sandblaster to remove the paint in the basin, but the original coating was a very high quality epoxy based paint and sandblasting did not work. They are now using mechanical grinders, and it took about 10 days to organize a different crew and get the equipment on site.”

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