Fire hydrant to be installed at firehouse

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wheaton to pay $3,157 for needed equipment

The city of Wheaton and the Wheaton Fire Department are working together to get a new hydrant put in at the firehouse at 407 East Hurlbut Street.

Lindy Lombard, Wheaton Fire Chief, said there has been a need for a fire hydrant to be installed at this location since the firehouse was built, about four years ago.

“This will help speed up the process when tankers come in and need to be filled rapidly,” he said. “This fire hydrant will be hooked to a larger city supply line, so it will be faster than other hydrant in the area.”

While there are other hydrants in the area, there is a need for one at the firehouse.

“The Fire Department has had the hydrant for a long time,” Lombard said. “We will supply the hydrant and the labor to install it.”

The city of Wheaton has agreed to pay $3,157 for valves and fitting to have the hydrant installed.

“We are hoping to get it installed in the next 60 days,” he said. “It should only be a day’s work to get it done, we will do it on a Saturday once all the equipment is here.”

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