$5K reward offered for fugitive’s whereabouts

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Bondsman said this is largest reward offered in 11 years on job

A local bondsman is offering his largest-ever cash reward for information on the whereabouts of an alleged drug trafficking fugitive that failed to appear for court in December 2020.

Monica Cuske, 40, whose last known address is 401 Park St. in Joplin, is charged with second-degree drug trafficking, a class B felony, and had a bond of $25,000.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for the whereabouts of Monica Cuske, charged with drug trafficking.

Cuske was arrested in September 2020 and bonded out of the

Barry County jail in October 2020. JD Hunter said since not appearing four months ago, she has been difficult to find.

“We’ve been to Colorado, Louisiana and Tennessee,” he said. “We’ve followed every lead we could find and are drawing a blank. We’ve been to about 30 houses in Joplin and another 25 or so in the Purdy area. We’ve chased probably about 100 dead leads so far. Us and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office have put in countless hours looking for her, and the sheriff has been very helpful”

Hunter said Cuske’s co-signer on the bond, her son, has moved to Colorado and. He has spoken to the son, but did not get any information, and no legal action can be taken against him until after the process plays out.

Hunter said whoever has information on Cuske’s whereabouts that leads to her arrest will get $5,000 in cash, which is the biggest reward he has ever offered.

“In 11 years on the job, we’ve had a couple tough ones, but the most I’ve offered before this was $1,000 one time,” he said. “Most of the rewards are in the $250 range. She has friends locally, and we know that, but the problem is she is supplying drugs to the area, so those people that are getting drugs from her do not want to turn in their connection.”

Hunter said if he doesn’t catch Cuske, his company will be forced to pay all of her $25,000 bond.

“It’s cheaper for us to pay $5,000 to someone to tell us where she is, and we’ve probably spent about that much already chasing her,” he said. “We know she’s had charges in the past of identity theft and credit card fraud, and her husband or boyfriend is in federal prison in Texas for drug trafficking after he was caught with several pounds of meth.”

Cuske is 5-3 with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she weighs about 125 pounds.

Anyone with information about Cuske’s location may call the Sheriff’s Office at 417-847-3121, or JD Hunter Bail Bonds at 417-342-3286.

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