Citywide yard sale, clean-up dates set

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cassville clean-up set for next week

Whether itís spring cleaning, yard sale season, or holiday haul outs, Barry County is preparing for citywide clean-up days and yard sales to hit this spring.

Each city will vary on dates and rules. For more information people may contact their local city hall.

The city of Cassville does not host an official citywide yard sale, but Citywide Clean-Up is scheduled for April 12-16.

Republic Services will accept additional household waste and large items on regular collection days. The following items will be accepted at the curb: barbecue grills, patio furniture, outdoor furniture, sofas, dressers, loveseats, recliners, desks, televisions, bundled guttering, beds, including hide-a-beds, mattresses and box springs, wood pallets, materials must be cut into four-foot sections and stacked, sinks, toilets, cabinets, vanities, carpet that is cut into four-foot lengths and bundled, and bicycles.

Republic Services will not accept tires, yard waste, large quantities of ash, dead animals, raw sewage, waste oil, hazardous materials, wet paint containers, chemicals, flammable substances, lead or acid batteries or waste from large remodeling or construction projects.

For a $15 fee, residents will be able to set large appliances on their curb, for Republic Services to pick up.

To request and pay for pick-up of an appliance, people may contact Republic Services at 417-268-1261.

Yard waste will be accepted as normal at the Yard Waste facility behind the Cassville Aquatic Park.

For more information on the city clean-up, people may call 847-4441.

In Wheaton, residents can prepare for a citywide yard sale on May 15. The deadline to get on the citywide yard sale map is on April 28, and people may contact the city hall to get added to the map.

The clean-up dates are May 22-25, depending on the regular pick up day.

For the citywide clean-up rules and regulations, people are reminded to not put out paint, oils, tires, chemicals or yard waste. In addition, residents are urged to separate lumber, trash and metals as different services pick those items up.

Seligman will have a citywide yard sale on May 1, with the clean-up date following on May 8. Residents are reminded to not place paint, tires and oils out for clean-up services.

The city of Exeter set a citywide yard sale date of April 17, with the citywide clean-up date to follow on April 20.

For a full list of rules and regulations, residents are asked to contact the city hall in-person or via phone.

Washburn will host a citywide yard sale on June 4-5, and residents may contact Washburn City Hall for a free yard sale permit. The Washburn citywide clean-up is scheduled for June 16.

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