Local hoopsters win awards

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

All-Conference, All-District lists released

Multiple area athletes have been recognized with All-Conference and All-District basketball awards.

Those making the postseason lists include:

All-Class 1, District 4

• Corey Hilburn, junior, Exeter

• Macy Barrett, senior, Exeter

All-Class 2, District 12

• Zac Leverich, senior, Wheaton

• Jack Mitchell, senior, Wheaton

• Allison Whitman, sophomore, Wheaton

All-Class 3, District 12

• Osiel Aldava, senior, Purdy

• Zack Brewer, senior, Purdy

• Cruz Marquez, junior, Southwest

• Caden Uthe, junior, Southwest

• Annabelle Bowman, senior, Purdy

• Brylee Wilson, senior, Southwest

All-Class 4, District 12

• Aiden Cook, sophomore, Cassville

• Sharayah Seymour, junior, Cassville

Ozark 7 All-Conference Team

• Zac Leverich, senior, Wheaton, First Team

• Allison Whitman, sophomore, Wheaton, First Team

• Corey Hilburn, junior, Exeter, Second Team

• Lily Ray, sophomore, Wheaton, Second Team

• Monica Hinojosa, junior, Wheaton, Second Team

• Jack Mitchell, senior, Wheaton, Honorable Mention

• Kelton Park, junior, Wheaton, Honorable Mention

• Macy Barrett, senior, Exeter, Honorable Mention

• Abbi Caddell, senior, Exeter, Honorable Mention

SouthWest Central League

• Osiel Aldava, senior, Purdy, First Team

• Cruz Marquez, junior, Southwest, Second Team

• Brylee Wilson, senior, Southwest, Second Team

• Zack Brewer, senior, Purdy, Honorable Mention

• Clay Henderson, senior, Purdy, Honorable Mention

• Caden Uthe, junior, Southwest, Honorable Mention

• Zak Corwin, sophomore, Southwest, Honorable

• Annabelle Bowman, senior, Purdy, Honorable Mention

Big 8 West

• Kyren Postlewait, senior, Cassville, First Team

• Sharayah Seymour, junior, Cassville, Second Team

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