Local students named to Missouri State fall 2020 Deanís List

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Each semester, students at Missouri State University who attain academic excellence are named to the dean's list.

For undergraduate students, criteria include enrollment in at least 12 credit hours during the fall semester and at least a 3.50 grade point average (on a 4.00 scale).

More than 5,300 students were named to the fall 2020 dean's list. These local students made the list:

Yesenia Aguinaga, of Cassville

Shqiprim Balazoski, of Cassville

Amy Barton, of Seligman

Cole Beagle, of Cassville

Andrew Berndt, of Cassville

Jarrett Brattin, of Exeter

Cody Cameron, of Purdy

Emma Coenen, of Eagle Rock

Madelyn Cole, of Exeter

Trey Dalton, of Cassville

Kallie Dickson, of Cassville

Lina Hang, of Purdy

Madison Horner, of Cassville

Grace Idleburg, of Cassville

Teagan Johnson, of Cassville

Garret Knight, of Cassville

Rachel Lacey, of Exeter

Hunter Laney, of Washburn

Phoebey Luu, of Cassville

Melissa Martinez, of Cassville

C. J. Moore, of Cassville

Madison Olbertz, of Shell Knob

Jennifer Quintanilla, of Washburn

Carrigan Randles, of Cassville

Chloe Roller, of Cassville

Bailey Roman, of Cassville

Josi Rose, of Purdy

Cailyn Spears, of Exeter

Kelsey Stringer, of Washburn

Laura Stringer, of Cassville

Jarrod Wallace, of Cassville

Cameron Weston, of Exeter

Kaylyn Whitham, of Cassville

Khloee Lathrum, of Shell Knob

Deziree Wolfinbarger, of Shell Knob

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