Freedom Bank partners with Cassville schools to provide local weather stations

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Two new weather stations have been placed at Cassville Middle School and Cassville High School, which will collect data and information students may use in class and for the Nation Weather Service to help forecast. Contributed photo

Freedom Bank has sponsored the purchase of weather stations that will be placed on campus at Cassville schools.

One device has been placed at Cassville Middle School, and the other is located at Cassville High School.

“We are excited to have the weather stations on campus,” said Richard Asbill, Cassville school district superintendent. “The devices will collect data and information our students and staff will be able to utilize during class. They will also serve as a valuable tool to our central office team when we are evaluating winter weather and storm warning information.”

In addition to using the data collected in the classroom and by district administration, the district will partner with the National Weather Service to provide weather updates and information.

"Weather station data, such as the one in the Cassville School District, allows the National Weather Service to see near real time weather conditions for the immediate Cassville area,” said Mark Burchfield, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “This data is an input into the forecast process, which helps make more accurate forecasts. The data is also used as ground truth for measuring high winds and/or high precipitation that could lead to hazardous weather. This could prompt us to issue warnings, which ultimately save lives and property. We are thankful for the Cassville school district for providing this weather data to the National Weather Service."

The weather stations will also be used by both the high school and middle school science departments. Science teachers plan to use the information collected when teaching students about electromagnetic frequencies and meteorology.

“We are grateful to Freedom Bank for providing an additional tool for our district to use for not only our students, but the safety of our wildcats and our surrounding community,” Asbill said.