New sirens for Cassville offer technology advances

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Trio of sirens to be upgraded this year

The city of Cassville will soon be upgrading three of the five storm sirens, offering new technology opportunities in the future, including vocal communication to Barry County 911, businesses and the school.

Steve Walensky, Cassville city administrator, said two of the sirens will continue to be used as is, and the equipment from the three being replaced will be used for parts when needed for those remaining two sirens.

“The future holds an ability for an intercom system to be added to the storm sirens,” he said. “However, this year, we are only upgrading the sirens needed.”

Walensky aims to have those upgrades completed by March of this year.

“Next year, we can look at higher technology rollouts for the sirens, which is geared to work with 911, schools and businesses,” he said. “There is opportunity to run the sirens and indicate flooding in Cassville.”

Those opportunities are all in the future at this time.

“This years upgrades are due to the city having a harder time finding equipment to repair and upgrade the current system,” he said. “There have been no failures, and the sirens are tested regularly, but the initial drive for these upgrades is because of decreased availability of replacements for the current sirens. We want to have a functioning set of sirens.”

The new system is the Model 2001-130 ACDC Two Way Sirens from the Federal Signal Corporation.

“The city is working directly with Blue Valley Public Safety,” Walensky said. “The total cost for the upgrades on the three sirens this year is just under $75,000. That includes the poles, removal of old sirens and equipment.”

The $75,000 will come from the city capital improvement fund.

“We evaluated different vendors, but this was the best option for us,” Walensky said. “Because of GoBEC’s fiberoptic lines, we are able to communicate with the community with more than just sirens, which will better let people know what is going on.”

The two sirens utilizing current equipment may be upgraded using parts from the three being replaced.

“In addition, there is some overlap in the sound coverage,” he said. “So, we will push to get reliable sirens which provide better coverage in the future.”

The technology opportunities the new sirens and equipment will offer is uncharted waters that lend a learning opportunity, as well.

“We have been working closely with Barry County E9-1-1 to keep up with the plans moving forward,” Walensky said. “While there are opportunities for the future, we will have better clarity and distance from day one.”

According to Federal Signal Safety and Security Systems, the Federal Signal 2001 series siren produces a 60-degree projection of sound which can produce three different and distinct warning signals.

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