Cassville clearing property for new uses

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ideas for future plans being discussed

The city of Cassville purchased land west of the Aquatic Center parking lot about a year ago.

Now, the city is ready to move forward with demolition of structures on property to make room for something new.

David Brock, Cassville public works director, said right now nothing is certain on the future use of the property.

The original purpose of purchasing the property was simply due to its location.

“It is adjacent to the parks and a visible piece of land,” he said. “There have been problems with the structures including complaints of squatting, so the city is wanting to get rid of that liability of having buildings like that.”

The city of Cassville has now accepted a bid for the demolition of the structures on the property.

“The property has a lot of potential,” Brock said. “It is a good site for recreational use.”

The city is hopeful that demolition could take place this spring.

“The bid was accepted from Seven Valleys Construction Gas Division,” he said. “The next couple of weeks, contracts will be signed, which will require the demo be completed in 120 days, more time than will be needed.”

The estimated cost for the demolition was $80,000.

“With demolitions, the costs can vary so much,” Brock said. “In 2020, we did some work ourselves, including having the structures checked for asbestos. We had that removed and spent $12,000 doing that.”

The bid to do the demolition was accepted for $53,333.

“That will come from the capitol improvement fund,” he said. “There are three structures on the property, and we have already removed some out buildings and cleaned up some fencing.”

When it comes to future uses of the property, there are a couple of ideas being discussed.

“A mountain bike trail was an idea staff had as a form of recreation that we don’t currently have,” he said. “It would be inexpensive to build with very little entanglements involved. It would also be easy to insure, and the topography lends itself to the possibility of a bike trail.”

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