Dive team to submerge into Seligman water tower

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Scheduled sewer, water increases take effect

The city of Seligman will have a dive team inspect the water tower this spring.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said every three years, it is required that the water tower has a physical inspection.

“With the boil order at the end of the year, DNR required us to drain the tower,” he said. “We attempted to have a submission rover go in and cleanup the sediment at the bottom, but the only option is to have a dive team go in.”

The process is heavily regulated, and the divers are sanitized before going into the water.

“They swim down and physically vacuum up sediment at the bottom,” he said. “While they are in there, they will grab measurements.”

With the proper measurements, the city will be better able to purchase a custom made metal cap which will help turn the water.

“It has a tube with openings all around the sides,” Nichols said. “When water goes into the tower, it will be pushed out through the tube in different directions. This will help to turn the water in the tower.”

Nichols said there is no issue with not having the device, but it is future planning to have it installed.

“It does have to be custom-built,” he said. “It isn’t too expensive, and the device could be installed in the next scheduled cleanout in a couple of years.”

The tower was vacuumed out in 2016, and has had the required inspection every three years.

“DNR is not requiring us to have the tower cleaned out this time, it is only a recommendation,” he said. “We are looking at the spring of 2021 to have the dive team vacuum out the tower.”

They won’t do it during freezing temperatures, and hopefully by the end of February, the city of Seligman will have a scheduled date.

“They will also be shooting video while they are in there,” he said. “That is all part of trying to determine the cause of the boil order in 2020.

“The rover, which went down in October 2020, couldn’t find the contamination cause.”

In addition, the scheduled sewer increase will go into effect on the bill being sent out this week.

“In 2018, the plan for the water system project was passed,” Nichols said. “On the bills going out this week, there will be a $5 increase on the water bills, and a 50-cent increase on the base sewer bill, as well as an additional 50 cent increase on the sewer overage per 1,000 gallons.”

According to the passed plan, the last increase for the water will be in 2022, and the last increase for the sewer will be 2025.

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