Lady Wildcats share Big 8 title

Friday, January 22, 2021

Cassville girls bring home 6 golds, 4 bronze

After some scoring snafus that caused a day of reevaluation, the Cassville girls wrestling team was ultimately named co-champion of the Big 8 Tournament on Jan. 20.

The Lady Wildcats and Marshfield each scored 152 points, and Seneca took third with 95.

Following the meet, Cassville was declared the champion, but a scoring discrepancy altered the result the next morning, giving the title to Marshfield with 152 points to Cassville’s 149. By the end of the day after the meet, both teams were recalculated to have scored 152.

Nathan Fortner, Cassville wrestling coach, said the issue centered around Marshfield having two girls in the same weight class.

“This is only the second year for girls wrestling, so some of the bylaws are different than the boys,” he said. “You can have extra girls participate, but they are non-scorers. Marshfield had two girls at 195, and the JV girl did not score, but she blocked our girl from placing higher.”

Fortner said if the same scoring rules used for the boys were applied to the girls, Cassville would have won the title outright by 3 points. However, with those rules not officially in the bylaws, the Big 8 schools’ athletic directors settled on naming Cassville and Marshfield co-champions.

“We both got a championship, and next year, the scoring should be a replication of the boys,” Fortner said.

The Lady Wildcats saw all 10 of their grapplers earn a medal — six gold and four bronze.

Earning the title of Big 8 champion were: Zoey Stanton at 102, Annie Moore at 112, Kelsey Harris at 117, Kailey Artherton at 122, Hailey Roark at 132 and Faith James at 137. Bronze medalists were: Brandy Creason at 107, Breanna Gordon at 127, Ryleigh Burnette at 174 and Taylor Glidewell at 195.

“I though we wrestled really well, and for the most part, we dominated every weight class we were in, and most of them by pin, too,” Fortner said. “We had 10 girls and Marshfield had 14, but we got a lot of bonus points for winning by fall. The girls were just pinning everyone that night.”

Fortner said the performance was yet another tournament success as the Lady Wildcats look toward the postseason.

“We’re turning our attention to districts now,” he said. “We are working on the little things, and we hope to punch some tickets to regionals and to state.”

Full results from the Big 8 Tournament follow:

102: Round 1 - Zoey Stanton (Cassville) over Jaslyn Benhumea (McDonald County) (fall, 0:21)

102: Round 2 - Jaslyn Benhumea (McDonald County) over Zoey Stanton (Cassville) (fall, 1:18)

102: Round 3 - Zoey Stanton (Cassville) over Jaslyn Benhumea (McDonald County) (fall, 1:50)

107: Round 1 - Abigail Jastal (Monett) over Brandy Creason (Cassville) (fall, 0:13)

107: Round 3 - Brandy Creason (Cassville) over Josselynn Yates (Marshfield) (fall, 0:15)

112: Round 1 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Rozalyn Richerson (Marshfield) (fall, 1:37)

112: Round 2 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Rozalyn Richerson (Marshfield) (fall, 1:27)

117: Round 1 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Alliyah Joiner (Marshfield) (fall, 0:29)

117: Round 2 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Alliyah Joiner (Marshfield) (fall, 1:07)

122: Round 1 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Louzella Graham (Seneca) (fall, 0:59)

122: Round 2 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Emily Croy (Marshfield) (fall, 0:24)

122: Round 3 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Brooke Bluel (Monett) (fall, 1:35)

127: Round 1 - Breanna Gordon (Cassville) over Braianna McElroy (Nevada) (fall, 2:15)

127: Round 2 - Breanna Gordon (Cassville) received a bye

127: Round 3 - Britany Adcock (Seneca) over Breanna Gordon (Cassville) (fall, 3:13)

127: Round 4 - Breanna Gordon (Cassville) over Jewelia Willoughby (Monett) (fall, 1:26)

127: Round 5 - Rylee Wilson (Marshfield) over Breanna Gordon (Cassville) (fall, 1:07)

132: Round 1 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Brittany Hickerson (Monett) (fall, 5:57)

132: Round 2 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Avonlea Bergthold (Marshfield) (fall, 1:47)

132: Round 3 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Teresa Dawn (Nevada) (fall, 2:35)

132: Round 4 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Maggie Meyer (Seneca) (fall, 1:06)

137: Round 1 - Faith James (Cassville) over Ariaha Mcillwain (Marshfield) (major decision, 20-7)

137: Round 2 - Faith James (Cassville) over Jersey VanDerhoef (Monett) (fall, 4:45)

174: Round 1 - Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) over Taylor Thompson (Nevada) (fall, 2:55)

174: Round 2 - Isabella Renfro (Seneca) over Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) (sudden victory-1, 10-8)

174: Round 3 - Kiana Massie (Marshfield) over Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) (fall, 0:51)

195: Round 1 - Megan Petty (Marshfield) over Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) (fall, 2:28)

195: Round 2 - Kylie Martin (Marshfield) over Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) (fall, 1:17)

195: Round 3 - Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) over Natasha Brinsfield (Seneca) (fall, 0:55)

Cassville wrestled in dual action Tuesday at Seneca. Results were not available at presstime. The Lady Wildcats return to the mat Thursday, hosting Monett in a dual.

The district tournament is scheduled for Feb. 5-6 in McDonald County.

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