Lady ‘Cats shine bright in Diamond

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cassville wrestling brings home 4th tourney title

No team shined as bright as Cassville in the 19-team Gem City Scramble in Diamond on Jan. 11, as the Lady Wildcats bagged their fourth team tournament title of the season.

Cassville won the event with 173 team points, with West Plains coming in second at 148 and Jay High School (Okla.) third with 134.5.

Individually, Annie Moore took top honors at 112, winning all five of her bouts; Kelsey Harris took first at 117, also winning all five matches; Kailey Artherton earned second at 122; Hailey Roark was second at 127; Faith James took second at 137; Ryleigh Burnette finished second at 174.

Other results saw Zoey Stanton finish fourth at 107. Breanna Gordon took fifth at 132, a division with 11 participants, and Taylor Glidewell also took fifth in the 195-pound division.

Brandy Creason also took first for Cassville in the 102-pound division, where she was uncontested but earned team points.

Nathan Fortner, Cassville wrestling coach, said his Lady Wildcats have won tournaments in McDonald County, Bentonville, Ark., Seneca and now Diamond, and the team is taking a head of steam into the Big 8 meet.

“I expect us to win it and have the same experience,” he said. “These girls have not missed a practice, and wrestling is a tough, grueling sport, so to come in day in and day out and work the way they do is amazing.”

Fortner said the success is borne from the team’s support of one another in practice and at events.

“They pick one another up and really support each other,” he said. “They really stick together, and that helps them get wins.”

Junior Kelsey Harris, who has lost only one match so far this season, said the team morale is high.

“We all encourage one another and push one another in practice,” she said. “We work hard, and that shows up on the mat. We also gather around when one of us is wrestling and cheer each other on.”

That support from teammates at events, she said, is crucial.

“It really pushes me when they do that,” she said. “When I hear my coaches and my teammates yelling, it pushes me harder to fight for the win.”

Fortner said at the Big 8 meet today (Wednesday) in Reeds Spring, Marshfield is likely the Lady Wildcats’ biggest competition.

“They have the most girls,” he said. “Girls wrectling is still relatively new, so the numbers aren’t all there. We actually don’t have a full lineup, but we all perform well individually and score points. We have four open weight classes, but we perform well with what we have.”

Harris said she’s excited to compete for conference glory.

“There’s one matchup for me where I’ve beaten the girl two times already, so I know she will be coming hard,” Harris said. “I just have to go for the win.”

Contested matches for Cassville are as follows:

107: Round 1 - Carime Johnson (Jay, Okla.) over Zoey Stanton (Cassville) (fall, 0:31)

107: Round 2 - Taidym Harden (Glendale) over Zoey Stanton (Cassville) (fall, 2:13)

107: Round 3 - Zailey Clemons (Webb City) over Zoey Stanton (Cassville) (fall, 3:34)

107: Round 4 - Makayla Mallatt (Butler) over Zoey Stanton (Cassville) (fall, 0:37)

107: Round 5 - Zoey Stanton (Cassville) over Selena Housley (West Plains) (fall, 0:37)

112: Round 2 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over McKenzie Callaghan (Nevada) (decision, 12-7)

112: Round 3 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Nevaeh Tagg (Jay, Okla.) (fall, 4:41)

112: Round 4 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Kyia Weisbrod (West Plains) (fall, 3:21)

112: Round 5 - Annie Moore (Cassville) over Addison Saporito (Columbus, Kan.) (fall, 0:54)

117: Round 1 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Lillien Montgomery (West Plains) (fall, 0:48)

117: Round 2 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Sophie Lloyd (Columbus, Kan.) (fall, 0:48)

117: Round 3 - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Annabelle Govoro (El Dorado Springs) (major decision, 14-2)

117: Semifinals: Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Abigail Jastal (Monett) (fall, 2:46)

117: 1st Place Match - Kelsey Harris (Cassville) over Briley Pennington (Grove High School) (decision, 5-2)

122: Round 1 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Brooke Bluel (Monett) (fall, 0:29)

122: Round 2 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Louzella Graham (Seneca) (fall, 0:46)

122: Round 3 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Lizzy Welch (Columbus, Kan.) (fall, 0:15)

122: Round 4 - Kailey Artherton (Cassville) over Diamond Conaway (Buffalo) (fall, 0:09)

122: Round 5 - Natalie Stewart (West Plains) over Kailey Artherton (Cassville) (decision, 4-2)

127: Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Jazmin Garrett (Monett) (fall, 3:42)

127: Round 2 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Rayven Davis (West Plains) (fall, 2:55)

127: Round 3 - Hailey Roark (Cassville) over Hallie Crisp (Diamond) (fall, 5:55)

1271st Place Match - Hallie Crisp (Diamond) over Hailey Roark (Cassville) (fall, 1:19)

132: Quarterfinals - Emily Welch (Columbus, Kan.) over Breanna Gordon (Cassville) (fall, 1:59)

132: Consolation Round 1 - Breanna Gordon (Cassville) over Maggie Meyer (Seneca) (fall, 1:54)

132: Round 1 - Breanna Gordon (Cassville) over Jewelia Willoughby (Monett) (fall, 1:08)

132: Round 2 - Skyler Maverick (Buffalo) over Breanna Gordon (Cassville) (fall, 2:34)

132: 5th Place Match - Breanna Gordon (Cassville) over Braianna McElroy (Nevada) (fall, 1:20)

137: Round 1 - Lilly Gough (Jay, Okla.) over Faith James (Cassville) (fall, 3:28)

137: Round 2 - Faith James (Cassville) over Jersey VanDerhoef (Monett) (fall, 3:51)

137: Round 3 - Faith James (Cassville) over Dixee Lacen (Columbus, Kan.) (fall, 2:49)

137: Round 4 - Faith James (Cassville) over Lillien Ingram (West Plains) (fall, 3:57)

137: Round 5 - Faith James (Cassville) over Brittany Hickerson (Monett) (fall, 0:36)

174: Round 2 - Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) over Braelyn Christian (West Plains) (fall, 0:21)

174: Round 3 - Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) over Josie Johnston (Butler) (fall, 3:10)

174: Round 4 - Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) over Taylor Thompson (Nevada) (fall, 3:10)

174: Round 5 - Isabella Renfro (Seneca) over Ryleigh Burnette (Cassville) (fall, 0:45)

195: Round 1 - Lexi Glover (Jay, Okla.) over Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) (fall, 1:26)

195: Round 4 - Jada Watson (Buffalo) over Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) (fall, 1:25)

195: Round 5 - Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) over Miranda Smith (West Plains) (fall, 1:15)

195: 5th Place Match - Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) over Destiny Lima (Columbus, Kan.) (fall, 0:13)

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