Bob Mitchell: Congress essential? Few would agree

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

For quite some time, Washington, D.C. has been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, which would lead you to think those we sent to Congress would consider themselves essential. But, considering what has actually been consuming much of their time, it makes you wonder.

First of all they, both the House and Senate squandered a considerable amount of time hashing out financial assistance to the people and businesses that have been financially strapped as a result of mandated closings and other actions as a result of fighting the pandemic.

Then the hordes of lobbyist that roam the halls of Congress buttonholed their favorites and began inserting millions of dollars to foreign countries and every cause that pleased them. Everything that caught their fancy was placed in front of what was in the best interest of the American people.

In all this, those same members of Congress, who consider them essential, you can bet your last dollar, were the first to get their vaccine, probably in their own office, by someone who is paid by the government to leave their regular post and provide this service to the Congress.

And, by the way, where has Billy Long been all this time. Watching the news closely during this time, unless I missed it, wasn’t mentioned one time in connection with the current disaster!

Does anyone consider them essential at this point?

Mishandled vaccine

Then there was no surprise when the number of people vaccinated when the seriums were released that something just under three million people last week has received their first shot. That is far short of the 20 million first projected to be vaccinated by the first of the year.

Those receiving the vaccines were mostly emergency workers and the real essential folks that provide the needed services under this emergency, and that is as it should be, without a doubt.

Then vaccine spoiled

Now it comes to lights that unknown amounts of the two vaccines have not been given as injections in the arms of those who need it, but instead was spoiled because of mishandling by someone purposely leaving it out of storage.

This could easily be considered as criminal providing the right people were eventually placed in charge of the lifesaving vaccine.

This is a tremendous project and one that is essential to the people, probably more so than any untaken in several generations.

Remember the start

These United States got a slow start in some of the requirements of overcoming this pandemic, remember the no masks, voiding travel and social distancing? Since early spring, the death tolls have risen weekly, and are still in critical stages throughout many parts of this nation.

And, as long as the advice of those in science and medicine continue to be ignored there can be little chance of solving the problem.

Combine the obvious mishandling of the problem, failure to follow guidelines and obvious failure to provide protection for the public with stores of vaccine and it could be a much longer pandemic and loss of life than it should have been.

Your choice

Disregard all this if you like, or you can even join the so called members of Congress who are still attempting to take the presidency away from the president-elect, because of their political prejudice. They would take the voting rights of the people and the time honored processes of electing a president and make their wishes the only process of and election.

That’s called a dictatorship in any language you want to write it or speak those intentions. Yet believe it or not there are some in Congress that would like to put themselves in that kind of a position.

2021 is here!

Now, to get down off my stump, we’re in a new year, 2021 is what you need to date things these days, and the Almanac for January has this information:

Best fishing days 15th and 16th, 25th and 26th and then good fishing 7th, 8th, 25th, 30th and 31st. Now that would all depend on whether a Blue Northerner happens to be in the area.

There is some moisture in the weather that could be coming out of the plains during the month and some of that could carry the label of very cold, but as you know, it is just this time of the year.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat.