Letter to the Editor

Dustin Weiser: School mask requirement unconstitutional

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dear Editor:

I still believe the pen is mightier than the sword, and it’s become apparent that no one in this country seems to have a spine. This now includes our own Cassville school district.

At last check, our U.S. Constitution guarantees through the First Amendment the right to peaceable assembly, including our children in public schools. Additionally, our Bill of Rights guarantees the right of equal education to every child in our great nation — that’s every child. No one can take away, nor alter, these rights, including the federal government, state government, county health department, nor our school district.

As I study the paperwork from our school district, I see that a refusal to wear a mask will get a child removed from school for the day, and continuing to do so for 11 days would result in removal from the school roster. This is in direct violation of our Constitutional rights. Maybe a history teacher could point this out to the administration?

As for our county health department, the only way any common sense will enter that building is through the courts. Just as the school failing to potentially provide an equal education to all, “quarantine of the healthy” is nothing more than a tyrannical, draconian measure. Never in America have we ever forced healthy Americans to hide from anything, including a virus.

I realize, some people have been affected by this virus in very tragic ways, however this is truly the minority. The data as of Dec. 2:

• 7 percent, the rate of confirmed cases to tests performed

• 4 percent, the rate of confirmed cases to Americans

• 1.9 percent, the death rate to confirmed cases

• 0.08 percent, the mortality rate to Americans

• 1.5 percent, confirmed cases to total children

A recent study from UCLA/Stanford show that while wearing no mask and not social distancing:

• 1:3,800 will contract the virus

• 1:852,000 will require hospitalization

It is time for some normalcy. It is time for children to be children. It is time for adults to be adults and realize the damage they are causing our children and the long term harm associated with it.

It’s time for school administration, county health department and our governor to grow a spine and say we are going to let our children live their precious few years of childhood to their fullest.

If they can’t do this, I’m sure the courts can.

Dustin Weiser