Area students stress importance of staying drug free

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

If I Did Drugs

By Kailyn Speer


If I did drugs, I wouldn't be me, and all those places I wouldn't get to see.

Drugs make you high, drugs make you lie.

Drugs are not good for your heart, that's why I will never start.

If I did drugs, I would be dying inside, crying inside, wondering why I am not fine.

Drugs will make you die.

That's why I will never do drugs, I would miss out on all those hugs.

Life or drugs?

By Lillian Graef-Miller


Drugs are like a foul in a game of sports or a sour note in a music recital. I say this because you can picture your life as the game of sports or the recital and drugs as the sour note or foul, these can affect how either one will end. If you keep making the same mistakes you can end up losing the game. This is like losing privileges in life.

Consequences of drugs include your body shutting down or failing, if you have kids later in life, they may not be heathy, going broke, having family taken away from you, going to rehab, and of course becoming addicted. If you are caught growing, selling or doing drugs an FBI or police official will come and search your home. If you have kids, they will check them for signs of abuse such as bruises or scars.

Drugs can also affect the chances of having kids later in life, and them being healthy. This is the case because the drugs can be transferred to the baby through the placenta, causing birth defects such as down syndrome or even missing parts of the brain. Drugs can also be transferred to the baby by breastfeeding because the drugs can become infused in the milk, which can be very unhealthy for the baby.

Drugs can also have an extremely negative effect on the brain and body. All will mess up your brain, but some have even more side effects. Weed kills brain cells witch makes you brain dead, nicotine makes your lungs black and charred and you might have to be hospitalized, and there's this new drug that eats your skin from the inside out, that drug is called krokodil because it makes your skin green and scaly, like that of a crocodile (hence the name). Drugs will make your brain slow and you will not be able to process the important stuff like reading and writing.

Drugs will also have a major effect on finances. If you become addicted, you can end up wasting billions of dollars on them which is no good. If you have a family, how will you be able to provide for them if you are financially incapable? Also you never know how much they will cost because you cant just go to aisle 9 and see that cocaine is an sale for $0.99, you have to buy them from a dealer, which can be very dangerous because you never know what will happen if they get caught.

But the good news is there are plenty of ways to stay away from drugs! If a doctor prescribes you something to make you feel better, use it responsibly. If you see someone doing or selling drugs and they pressure you into trying some say NO and tell a trusted adult like a parent or teacher. I know it may seem cool to do drugs because famous people do them, but the truth is lots of them have died because of it. Elvis died because he had a heart attack due to an overdose and Michael Jackson died due to overdose on benzodiazepine and propofol. So, it is NOT cool.

Our world would be so much better without drugs. People would be happier and healthier, less people would be in jail, more kids would be living with their families, so there are plenty of reasons not to do drugs. Health, happiness, family, finance, and many more. So please remember, your body is precious, so do not trash it, and remember, just be happy and stay drug free.

Staying drug free, no drugs for me

By Caiden Edie


A life involved with drugs would be a terrible life. You would not be able to go on vacation, play with your kids, take them to. school or go to school events. You would be a bad influence to young people. Drugs make people selfish and donít think about anyone or anything else.

I do not want drugs in my life because I want to get a fun job, a cool car, have fun friends and be healthy! I will want to take my kids on vacation on cruises and to beaches. I could go to fun events like country music concerts. I want to be a good influence to my brother, my cousins and my friends.

A lot of people who care about me tell me to stay drug free. People like teachers, friends, and parents. These are people I trust and will listen to them.

To stay drug free I will stay away from people that are on drugs and stay away from places with drugs. I want to have a drug free life and a happy life.